Pick of the Mix C

As we approach the holiday shopping season a plethora of new product has hit the stores. 5-packs, 9-packs with new multi-pack cars,  C cases, Retro, and Cool Classics. We can look forward to a busy collecting year ahead of us. With all that happening the Hot Wheels Newsletter gives you our pick of the “C” Mix.

Alfa Romeo windows1) #29 ALFA ROMEO 8C COMPETIZIONE – This is one looks like a fun car to drive. We do prefer the clear window version over the tinted window.

2) #30 1990 HONDA CIVIC EF – A friend of mine had one of these and it was a blast cruising around the winter streets of Chicago.

1990 Honda Civic EF (a)Street Noz (d)3) #130 Street Noz – One of our favorite motorcycles in the Mattel assortment. This one in black with the purple rims looks sick.

4) #132 Chevy Silverado – We like the grabber blue color and the tribal flames on the version.

5) #245 ’70 CHEVELLE SS WAGON – Station wagons seem to be more popular now with collectors then they were in the 70’s. This one looks good in mf white and Hurst logos.
Chevy Silverado ’07 (m)    '70 Chevelle SS Wagon (n)

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