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We are the longest running publication catering solely to the Hot Wheels® community. “by Collectors, for Collectors”, we reach Hot Wheels® enthusiasts from all over the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, England, Belgium, and Japan.
Our experienced writers bring you only verified information, no rumors!
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  • 6 issues of the original Hot Wheels® Newsletter (magazine) mailed every 3 months. Each issue of the Newsletter contains articles covering the newest releases, promotions, Limited Editions, club and collector’s news, insights into past lines and releases, display and classified ads…ANYTHING having to do with Hot Wheels® merchandise and the Hot Wheels® collectors’ community.
  • You will also receive the UPDATE, a 4 to 6-page flyer, sent out in-between the quarterly issues to keep you abreast of new releases and current collector news.
  • As a subscriber you are entitled to one free classified ad per issue.
  • First chance to purchase tickets to the popular Annual Hot Wheels® Collector’s Convention, and Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals, the largest yearly international gatherings of Hot Wheels® collectors anywhere!
  • Each issue of the Newsletter also includes information on how to join one of the more than 35 chapters of our world-wide Collector’s Club.

The Hot Wheels® Newsletter is published by Jim Garbaczewski, co-author of Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels®. It is written by knowledgeable collectors from across the United States, including Jim, Russ Looker and Bob Rosas. It is an independent publication, under license with Mattel. Contact the Hot HWeels Newsletter at  [email protected] if you have any questions.

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  1. I ordered the newsletter and received the oct-dec magazine and the nov update but I have not received anything since . I am really behind especially on the new stuff . not sure whats up

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