2019 December Update

In stock now on Amazon is the Hot Wheels id BMW i8 Roadster in the Moving Forward series. You also can pre-order the 1989 Batmobile id version, which has a 1/1/2020 release date.

Just added the 2 latest 2020  5-packs HW Hot Truck and HW Exotics. Along with the ‘C’ case assortment which includes four new models, The Rockin’ Santa Sled just in time for Christmas, Total Disposal a hot rod garbage truck , Batman Batplane and Volvo 850 Estate a classic station wagon BTCC race car from 1994. There is a printable list available for all case releases – HERE. Hot Wheels Premium Entertainment Mix 4 with the Toy Story RC Car and another rendition of The Mystery Machine, Star Wars, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin the HW Wheels Premium Car Culture line has been added and this finishes off this series for 2019. 2019 Car Culture Cruise Boulevard which includes two new tools Volkswagen “Classic Bug” and a Custom ’93 Nissan Hardbody (D21) with throwback paint graphics from the 1989 first edition Minitruck. There are three Hot Wheels id cars released for black Friday: the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy, the HW50 Concept and Back to the Future Time Machine available online. New 2020 multi-pack only cars along with the gift-pack exclusive Ford Thunderbolt and ’73 Pontiac Firebird.
Released at the Mexico and Japan conventions was the complete list of the 2020 Hot Wheels Premium Car Culture line. This is a exciting line-up for the 2020 Satin and Orange series. Some favor casting will be ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser, Volkswagen T2 Pickup, ’68 Corvette – Gas Monkey Garage and the Fast-Bed Hauler.

Update 12/3/19
Now available the to order on Amazon The Back to the Future Time Machine Buy yours now on Amazon. Check out the latest new models and D case with a printable collectors list assortment available international. Expect them to hit stores just in time for Christmas.

Update 12/7/2019
Just found some of the series 1 Mystery models for 2020. Also received the latest two mail-in models for 2019 the ’64 Dodge 330, It’s nice to see this, only the third release of his casting since 2007. The other is the ’70 Chevelle Delivery to round out the 6 different Collectors Editions released for 2019.

Update 12/12/19
Tentative release of the Hot Wheels Premium Entertainment for May and July.

Update 12/15/19
More Hot Wheel id cars are available on Amazon in the HW Metro series a new casting called DJ-Xpress. In the Nightburnerz series the Custom ’15 Ford Mustang and recently found at Target the Mach Speeder in the Moving Forward series and HW Screen Time Jurassic Park Jeep.

Update 12/19/19 
The Walmart themed assortments continues in 2020 with the Camouflage series. The car in demand as of now is the metallic blue Nissan Skyline H/T 2000Gt-X .

More Hot Wheels id cars are now available to order on Amazon: Jurassic Park Jeep, Night Burner (preorder) and’15 Dodge Charger Hellcat SRT (currently out of stock)

Also on the pegs is the Car Meet 5-pack in the latest assortment found at Target.

Update 12/28/19
This will most likely be the last Update for 2019. With Christmas over the stores are starting to restock the shelves with some new product. Just added is the Hot Wheels “Mix A” Premium Boulevard series, The hot pieces (as of now) are the ’83 Chevy Silverado 4X4 and the ‘67 Camaro with an opening hood. We never seem to get tired of a ’67 Camaro. What looks to be the peg warmer will be the Magnus Walker Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus, The look of the bus makes this a personal favorite.

Also added is the series 5 Disney Character cars with the Frozen Character Cars Anna and Olaf these to will be popular now with the release of Frozen 2. Wall-e is another favorite. It definitely captured the look and is a very heavy piece for its size.

Something is a little strange with international F Cases being released before E cases. The break down seems to include all of E and F Case assortments along with all the recolors.


2019 November Update

GameStop color exclusives plus Hot Wheels “C” case first to market added along with “A” and “B” case assortments. The third and final colors of the Gift Pack exclusives for the Datsun 240Z and ’71 Dodge Demon are now showing up. A few multi-pack only models for 2020 are also being found in these gift packs. Full cases of the ’17 Ford F-150 Raptor are at showing up at Walmart stores. The final three 5-packs for 2019 Wave Cravers, FLY21 Dino City – FYL25  and Track Builders – FLY22 are out along with the first 5-pack for 2020 – Fun Park. Finally, series 5 of the Hot Wheels id cars are available at Target and Amazon.

2019 October Updates

Hot Wheels id car list. Series 5 available at Amazon
The Dark Knight Batmobile, Twin Mill, K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand, Justice League Batmobile, Mystery Machine, ’70 Ford Escort RS1600, GT Hunter, Night Shifter, and Solid Muscle

Game Stop to host next Hot Wheels Collectors Day Event on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 9AM. Check your local store to see if they are participating in this event. You can pre-order a case  HERE!
Also Available is Star Wars Character Cars 6-Car bundle.

The last of the 2019 5-packs Updated and the first 2020 5-pack added.
2020 B Case added
Pop Culture Star Wars added