The Finds and Updates

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for collecting. Recently found the Holiday Hot Rods mixed in “B” case mainline mix dump bins at Walmart. We just received the hobby only Entertainment “K” case purchased off eBay but it has been reported that they have been found in Walmart stores in Canada. The last case assortment of HW Road Trippin’ have been appearing on eBay. The good people at  A&J Toys sent over the Heritage – Real Riders case. Just found are the first two 2016 gift pack exclusives including new 2016 multi-pack only releases. Mattel even surprised us with the return of the Target exclusive Snowflake cars for 2016. Also a friend from Europe send over twelve new Mystery Models for 2016. This set has a mf gold Loop Coupe chase piece.Entertainment K MixHeritage e Mix

DSCN66162016 Mystery ModelsLoop Coupe (f)






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