2015 Entertainment

2015 HW Entertainment Series
These are the show cars you’ll want to show off! The Hot Wheels Entertainment series features vehicles from your favorite films and television shows.
Along with several new castings, this 1:64 line features authentic details, Real Riders wheels and full–metal castings. Here are the mixes planned for 2015:

2015 EntertainmentMix 1 (June 2015):
'58 Plymouth Belvedere (c) ’58 Plymouth – red – tbrrww – Christine
'83 Chevy Silverado (Lifted) ’83 Chevy Silverado – black – orsltrr – Friday Night Lights
Ford F-250 (a) Ford F–250 – yellow – scrr – Close Encounters of the Third Kind (New Casting)
Emergency Squad (ad) Rapid Responder – red – tbrrrd – Emergency!

Mix 2 (August 2015):Entertainment BP mix 2
DSCN5386 ’67 Camaro – mf gray – tbrrgyt  (Christine)
’70 Dodge Charger RT (i)’70 Dodge Charger R/T – flat black – rr5sp (The Fast & The Furious)
Back to the Future Time Machine - Hover Mode (b) BTTF Time Machine – Hover Mode – zamac (Back to the Future II) (New Casting)
Back to the Future Time Machine MF (b) BTTF Time Machine – Mr. Fusion – zamac – tbrr (Back to the Future)
Toyota 2000GT Roadster (a) Toyota 2000GT Roadster – white – clrr (007 “You Only Live Twice”) (New Casting)

Mix 3 (October 2015):
Batmobile (Batman Begins) (i) Tumbler – Camouflage – ortbk rear / rrbk  (The Dark Knight)
'74 Checker Taxi Cab (a) ’74 Checker Taxi Cab – dk. yellow – rr (Taxi)
Kawasaki Ninja GPZ 900R (a) Kawasaki Ninja GPZ 900R – black – kmw (Top Gun
'56 Chevy (a) ’56 Chevy – black – rrwl (The Brady Bunch)
80s Corvette (ab) ’80 Corvette – satin silver – ldrr (007 A View to a Kill)

Mix 4 (October 2015)
available only at select hobby retailers
'76 Ford Gran Torino (a) ’76 Ford Grand Torino – red –  prr  Starsky & Hutch (New Casting)
Back to the Future - 1950 (a) Back To The Future 1955 – zamac – rrrdww (Back to the Future III)
The Bat (d) The Bat – flat black The Dark Knight Rises (New Die-cast Chassis)
Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Cartoon Car (a) Ghostbusters Ecto–1 Cartoon Car – white – rrww The Real Ghostbusters (animated) (New Casting)
Lotus Esprit S1 (d) Lotus Esprit S1 – white – rr prr James Bond “The Spy Who Loved Me” (New Die-cast Chassis)


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