New paint process coming to RLC cars

Reported on HWC
Pictures  courtesy of Mattel.
It just might be a good year to join the Red Line Club.
There will be a new paint process for the 2013 RLC cars. It is a mirrorized finish with exceptional reflectivity and brightness. This finish is a replacement for the chrome-finish Spectraflame used on pervious HWC/RLC items and won’t be used in a retail finish. The new finish was developed due to the high cost of the chroming process that is used to create the Spectraflame finish. This new finish shouldn’t be confused with the new Spectrafrost finish that has been developed for Cool Classics coming out in late spring early summer. You will only see this finish RLC Neo-Classics and Real Riders series, Gulf Racing segments, as well as some higher-end one-off items.
There will still be some cars in 2013 that will be produced in chrome-finish Spectraflame, most notably the Original 16 Custom Mustang and Custom Camaro.
The new finish was developed due to the high cost of the chrome process,
IMG_6590 IMG_6579-1
The deoras are the original Spectraflame process and the Batmobiles are the new mirrorized process.
The Batmobiles are color samples only and will not be available.

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