A look at the new Spectrafrost paint and exclusive wheel

The Cool Classics will introduce not only a new paint style but a new wheel as well. The paint and wheel was reported to be used exclusively for the first to two years of the Cool Classics line. The new Spectrafrost paint will use the Spectraflame colors palette in a frosty satin look.  The Retro Slots (rs5) wheels, as Mattel calls them are one-piece plastic wheels that has the 5 spoke slotted mag look. Great job on both the paint and wheel design, The Cool Classics with be available mid to last summer with 5 basic case coded of 6 model each. 30 cars in one color with no chase pieces. See more when at hotwheelscollectors.com when you join Redline Club. Pictures courtesy of HWC/RLC

Retro Slot WheelSpectrafrost

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