2105 Hot Wheels Mainline List

The earliest in a long time the 2015 Mainline is is up with just a few TBA models

There are four categories and 34 segments for the 2015 line:
• HW City (blue package) – 11 segments of 75 editions
• HW Off-Road (yellow package) – 9 segments of 50 editions
• HW Race (red packager) – 6 segments of 60 editions
• HW Workshop (green package) – 8 segments of 65 editions

There will be 50 New Models, plus 15 Treasure Hunts and 15 Super Treasure Hunts
This year there will be ZAMAC cars exclusive to Walmart. Along with Kmart Collector Days in February, September, and November with color exclusives and a Toy ‘R’ Us summer promotion. These 4 events will offer the Collector Edition Mail-in. The first mail-in looks to be the ’71 El Camino 

View the 2015 Hot Wheels Mainline Segments & Cars List here

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