2012 Series 11 Rewards Volkswagen Drag Truck

I received the second of the 2 rewards cars offered for 2012, The Volkswagen Drag Truck. The wait was worth it! Beautifully done in Spectraflame blue with 5 spoke redline Real Riders. Trimmed out in race team fashion with the red and white Hot Wheels logo and the number 11(for series 11) on the sides. It has a solid white wing and engine cover, metellic blue trim and details, right down to the California license plate (RWRDS 11). Enjoy the pictures.DSCN2462

I’m free from my packaging.DSCN2463 Nice DetailsDSCN2464 DSCN2465 DSCN2466 DSCN2467 DSCN2468 DSCN2469 Showing off its muscle.DSCN2470

The Hudson Hornet patiently waiting for its arrival.



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