Wheel variations abound in 5-packs and the ’65 Mustang

It’s been a while since we have seen any variations with 5-packs. This year that all changed. The first car that came to our attention was the X-Games 2008 Lancer Evolution which went from blue chrome to chrome 10 spokes. Now it seems that all cars that have blue chrome on the wheels either on the whole wheel or just the rim are now switching to chrome. With this in mind we started to look at other cars in 5-packs and we found all the yellow “painted” wheels are switching to gold chrome. Currently we are working on a complete list of 5-pack car that have changed so far. Check the variations on the 5-pack page.2008 (Mitsubishi) Lancer Evolution (o)2008 (Mitsubishi) Lancer Evolution (o2)

Now for some sad news for Mustang fan. A long time favorite model the ’65 Mustang Convertible has yielded to the cost saving butcher. The ’65 no longer has an opening hood feature or a metal base. Hopefully this change will only happen on 5-pack and mainline and will retain it’s original tooling for premium lines.

65 Mustang 165 Mustang 265 Mustang 365 Mustang 465 Mustang 565 Mustang 6

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