The Blitz

The Walmart Blitz 9-pack offered very little variety this year because all cars from 2013 5-packs. Some reported finding gold chrome wheels replacing yellow wheels on some models but these have been found in 5-packs previously. Other cars reported have not been found or reported in the 5-packs or the Thailand made 3-packs. The list of variations will be available within the 2013 5-packs page. The first one is the Nitrium from the Triple Track Twister 5-pack. This car original had light blue chrome os5 and the Blitz version has chrome os5. The other car that is popular with collectors is the Mazda Furai which was found with chrome os5 instead of blue chrome os5. Now the most interesting model is the Jester. It’s now made with a metal body instead of plastic and the metal interior is now plastic. Others include Audacious with dk. green os5 and the Urban Agent with a clear blue rocket which is apart of the windows.

Nitrium (h2) Urban Agent (h2) Mazda Furai (d2) Jester (l) Audacious (j2) Synkro (k2)

In the Holiday 4 pack available at Target the clear yellow Synkro from the Super Loop Chase Race 5-pack coming with blue chrome y5. This variation like all other found in the Blitz 9-pack may have been found in 5-packs.

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