Peanuts for the Holidays

The last of the 2014 Pop Culture ends with a Peanuts series and it’s a must have for any Peanuts fans. The details and design of these models are wonderful. The interesting thing are the different design graphics on passenger side compared to the driver side. The favorites of this bunch are the Custom Convoy, ’64 GMC Panel, and the Quick D’Livery. Check out these on the 2014 Pop Culture page.

Convoy Custom (q)Convoy Custom (qds)
Quick D' Livey (c)Quick D' Livey (cds)
Haulin' Gas (f) Haulin' Gas (fds)

1951 GMC C.O.E. (e) 1951 GMC C.O.E. (dds)'56 Ford Truck (z) '56 Ford Truck (zds)'64 GMC Panel (j)'64 GMC Panel (jds)

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