P and Q cases at Walmart

Watch your “P” and “Q” cases at Walmart some of the local “Dump Bins” received the normal 648 count “P” cases and some received 288 “Q” case bins. Not all of the Q assortment were in these cases and of course no ZAMACs. “P” case cars are already updated¬† to the listed and Q cases will follow shortly. There has been a couple of notable variations to report. The mf red Twin Mill III has been found with os5 wheels and what seems to be the harder version with fan5 wheels.

The Ferrari 5-Pack Ferrari F40 now has a closed rear-engine cover and a plastic base. Three more “Truckin’ Transporter” ¬†another Impavido 1 and two new colors of the Nitro Doorslammers. 2014 is finishing up and soon I should have some of the 2015 line ups listed.

Ferrari F40 (v2)

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