No Longer a One and Done

Monster Mission 5-pack5-pack HWCity Works       We found these two new 5-packs that included some of the most interesting casting choices.  First is the HW Wheels City Works.  The casting choices used are interesting. The Rapid Transit makes a excellent  police car, as does the Hyperliner as a school bus but the green Ballistik as a taxi just doesn’t make to much sense to us. Second one we received is the Monster Mission. The only car that doesn’t fit in this group is the Formula Street in gold chrome It’s more of a street racer not something you would chase monsters with. The one surprise in this pack is the Hi I.Q. It’s one and only release was in 2004 and after a nine year hiatus, lead most collectors to think it was a one-and-done casting. Never say never. You can see all the individual casting on the 5-packs page.

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