New Multipack exclusive and a Pass’n Gasser

’66 Ford Fairlane GT (l)Just when shopping for some items and thought I would check the Hot Wheels® isle expecting nothing and was surprised to find a new case of multi-pack on a all ready loaded shelve of old multi-packs. To my excitement one of the 6 new packs was the exclusive pearl white ’66 Ford Fairlane GT and a new color of the Pass’n Gasser.Pass’n Gasser (u) Even though the Pass’n Gasser sports the same tampo as the exclusive for 2012 minus the rear deck Hot Wheels® logo it isn’t an Git pack exclusive but is a multi-pack only model and will not be a single pack release. This will surely excite the Pass’n Gasser fans. Check all the  new gift-pack excluisves and multi-pack only cars for 2013.

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