Finally the Flood Gates have Opened.

Just posted new 5-packs, multi-pack only cars, Pop Cultue and Flying Customs. Take a look. DSCN1825After a long drought here in the Midwest we are now seeing new product on the shelves here at Walmart. Trackin’ Trucks, new Jukebox with Sam Walton Ford F-150, mutli-pack exclusives, new 5-pack and K case dump bins.

The most startling thing is the lack of super and regular hunts in these cases. Could it be the black market and eBay are making it harder to find these in the wild at stores. Over 40 cases opened by friends in the area and a total of 3 bent card supers found. This also the reports on the boards too.

Here is a couple of shots of the new Trackin’ Trucks. Look at the other pages for new  product to be posted soon.


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