A look at the Cool Classics C Mix

Here at the Hot Wheels Newsletter we are really enjoying the Cool Classics. The color choices and decos are exceptional. When we first opened the box we were a little taken back by the bright “turquoise” color of the ’51 Buick LeSabre Concept but the more we looked at it the color the it fits the car. The race deco on the Shelby Daytona and Mercury Cyclone are modern yet spot on for the era. The same going for the muscle cars in this mix the ’62 Chevy and ’67 Olds 442, the decos just works. We also notice that the ’62 Chevy is the first car to offer a gold chrome version of the exclusive retro slot wheels. Last but not least is the Beetle, it’s tastefully done with subtle ghost red flames. As we’re enjoying these we can’t wait to see what the next mix has to offer.Cool Classics 2 Cool Classics mix C 1 Cool Classics 3

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