2019 June Update

Mix 3: Favorites
Target Mail-in information, ’84 Mustang SVO
The remainder of the 2019 5-packs added
Hot Wheels id car list. 
 Mix “L”  Mix “M” added
New multi-pack cars added: 2013 Viper SRT, Carbonic, Custom ’41’ Willys Coupe, Winning Formula. New color of the ’71 Dodge Demon, Datsun 240Z
Themed assortment  Fast & Furious added
New rig HW Park ‘N Play with a Bassline model

2019 March Updates

Character Cars Updated – Star Wars, Marvel, DC Universe
Eight new 2019 Multi-pack Only releases added.
Cars found in 20, 10, 9, and 3 packs.

HW City 5-pack
2019 Mainline “H” Case Mix added. There are 15 recolors,  11 cars new to the case, regular Treasure Hunt is the Head Starter  and the Super is the ’68 Mercury Cougar  RLC Exclusive: Urban Outlaw Porsche 964 with Magnus Walker figure goes on sale March 26 on HotWheelsCollectors.com.

2019 Mainline “G” Case Mix added
SOLD OUT! Stream Punk Truck On Sale 3/12/19

2019 Hot Wheels Premium – Fast & Furious
Fast Imports, Original Fast, 1/4 Mile Muscle, Furious Off-Road

2019 Kmart Collectors Days INFO NEW 3/7/19

HW Exotics 5-pack
Car Culture – Open Track – Team Transports