Peanuts for the Holidays

The last of the 2014 Pop Culture ends with a Peanuts series and it’s a must have for any Peanuts fans. The details and design of these models are wonderful. The interesting thing are the different design graphics on passenger side compared to the driver side. The favorites of this bunch are the Custom Convoy, ’64 GMC Panel, and the Quick D’Livery. Check out these on the 2014 Pop Culture page.

Convoy Custom (q)Convoy Custom (qds)
Quick D' Livey (c)Quick D' Livey (cds)
Haulin' Gas (f) Haulin' Gas (fds)

1951 GMC C.O.E. (e) 1951 GMC C.O.E. (dds)'56 Ford Truck (z) '56 Ford Truck (zds)'64 GMC Panel (j)'64 GMC Panel (jds)

RLC Rewards Beatnik Bandit

Better late then never. The RLC 2013 Rewards Beatnik Bandits are finally shipping after a long back order. After all the disgruntled comments made about this rewards choice these car is amazing with the Spectraflame light green paint two-tone white and lime int., clear dome and the Real Rider 5 spokes,  The graphics are simple and somewhat reminiscent to the original. Limit to 8100 pieces made this one will be a hit with collectors old and new. Check out other Beatnik Bandit releases and all known variations.

Beatnik Bandit 3 Beatnik Bandit 2 Beatnik Bandit 1

The Blitz

The Walmart Blitz 9-pack offered very little variety this year because all cars from 2013 5-packs. Some reported finding gold chrome wheels replacing yellow wheels on some models but these have been found in 5-packs previously. Other cars reported have not been found or reported in the 5-packs or the Thailand made 3-packs. The list of variations will be available within the 2013 5-packs page. The first one is the Nitrium from the Triple Track Twister 5-pack. This car original had light blue chrome os5 and the Blitz version has chrome os5. The other car that is popular with collectors is the Mazda Furai which was found with chrome os5 instead of blue chrome os5. Now the most interesting model is the Jester. It’s now made with a metal body instead of plastic and the metal interior is now plastic. Others include Audacious with dk. green os5 and the Urban Agent with a clear blue rocket which is apart of the windows.

Nitrium (h2) Urban Agent (h2) Mazda Furai (d2) Jester (l) Audacious (j2) Synkro (k2)

In the Holiday 4 pack available at Target the clear yellow Synkro from the Super Loop Chase Race 5-pack coming with blue chrome y5. This variation like all other found in the Blitz 9-pack may have been found in 5-packs.

New 2015 Gift-pack Exclusives

This is one of the superb times of the year for Hot Wheels shopping. Along with smaller stores will pick up older assortment, most of the new 2015 playsets and gift sets come out. A good time to find some unique models and hard to find pieces. The newest 9 car gift-packs are now at Walmarts with 2 new exclusives models ’72 Ford Grand Torino and ’67 Custom Mustang along with more multi-pack exclusives.

'72 Ford Gran Torino Sport (o)'67 Custom Mustang (i)

2014 Holiday Hot Rods!

Holiday Hot Rods Hot Tub BPHot Wheels Presents Holiday Series at Walmart Stores This Month

It’s time to decorate the tree for the Holiday with these great winter themed Hot Wheels® cars. Coming to Walmart soon.  These castings will warm up your toes better the a cup of Hot Chocolate.

#1 ’70 Dodge Charger R/T
#2 ’10 Pro Stock Camaro®
#3 Custom ’53 Chevy®
#4 Draggin’ Wagon
#5 Honda Civic
#6 Hot Tub
#7 Nissan Titan
#8 Volkswagen Golf

Kmart Collector Day Nov. 8th

clip_image006 clip_image005 clip_image004 clip_image003 clip_image002Kmart Collector Day on 11/8
’59 Cadillac Funny Car Promo!

For ORDER FORM Click Here!

clip_image008clip_image007Kmart Collectors Day Event
When: Saturday, 11/8 at 9 a.m. local times
Where: U.S. Kmart Stores (excluding Puerto Rico)

Check here for participating stores.
At Collectors Day you’ll find cases of vehicles that are packed just for the event, including special color editions and First-To-Market releases.
Special Colors  
’07 Ford Mustang – Mustang 50th (Pearl yellow)
’64 Corvette® Sting Ray – Then and Now (Metalflake Cao Green)
Dodge Challenger Drift Car – Road Rally (Grabber blue)
’94 Toyota Supra – Nightburnerz (Metalflake anodized silver)
’71 Buick® Riviera – HW Performance (Amazon green)
’68 HEMI Barracuda – Heat Fleet (Micro green)
Morris Mini – Road Rally (Yellow orange)





Collector Edition ’59 Cadillac Funny Car


  • Body Color:Spectraflame hugger orange
  • Deco:Black hood & roof, red & yellow flame deco on sides
  • Wheels:Real Riders five-spoke wheels
  • Base:Zinc-plated chassis
  • Window Color:Clear
  • Interior Color:Black

Pick up 20 Hot Wheels basic cars from November 8, 2014 to December 13, 2014, and you can get a Hot Wheels Collector Edition ‘59 Cadillac Funny Car:

Tickets for the Nationals

LexingtonNatsLogoFinalonwhiteThe latest issue of the Hot Wheels Newsletter is now in the mail. In this issue we talk about the Ferrari F-40. the El Ray Special, Bugatti Veyron and more. The ticket order form for the 5th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals coming to Lexington KY this spring from March 25th to the 29th 2015. Subscribers to the Newsletter get first chance to buy tickets to this event.  Anyone coming to the Nationals and is a subscriber to the Newsletter will get a FREE special souvenir car to commemorate the Nationals. JOIN NOW to the Newsletter and don’t miss the 2015 Nationals!

On the Road Again

The latest HW Road Trippin’ are parking soon at your Walmart. Included in this batch a few collector favorites such as the ’66 Chevy Nova, Dodge Viper RT/10 and the ’32 Ford Delivery. Along with those there is a heavy weight 1957 Chrysler 300 with a metal base and body. Chevy out the individual pictures and history of the road featured in this series.HW selection e2

HW selection e1

Got Milk? – I got the cereal.

The latest ‘V’ assortment arrive yesterday from A&J Toys. This set includes decos from General Mills cereals such as Lucky Charms, Count Chocula, Frute Brute, and others. Some of the favorite casting in this group include the Smokin’ Grille and Texas Drive ‘Em. The retooled ’97 Ford F-150 has a lifted base and an one-piece metal cab and body. Also in this series is the first time metal body Mig Rig. Check out individual pictures and other Pop Culture releases for 2014 on the Pop Culture page.  Pop Culture General Mills group 2

Pop Culture General Mills group 1


2014 Kroger Halloween Cars

At a Kroger Store near you is the 2014 Halloween exclusives. The cars and card art is a must have for the theme collector. The card art shows a Rigor Motor speeding away from a haunted house with a full moon, bats, a howling wolf, Jack O’Lanterns and a zombie-crossing sign. It’s everything you need in a Halloween scene. This years five ghoulish assortment  includes the: Ghostbusters ECTO-1, Bone Shaker, Rigor Motor, Gangster Grin, and ’57 Plymouth Fury.

halloween 2014