New Workshop Kits at Target

Just found at Target!
Purple Passion fans might want to be on the look out for this Workshop kit. There are two kits available, Kit 2 includes a pearl white Purple Passion with red 5 spokes, purple interior and purple windows.  The other car in Kit 2 is a pearl white Muscle Tone with yellow 10 spokes red interior and clear windows. Kit 1 includes a Pearl white Cool one and a pearl white Surfin’ School Bus. The cars in these sets are void of any graphics so you can decorate the cars with the special decal sheets. Color Reveal decals sheets are included to apply the cars and with a special pen you can reveal the design. Check out the playset page for more.
Color Reveal Kit 1

Toys R Us exclusives in stores now

Check out your local TRU for the latest Hot Wheels “M” cases which includes the three exclusive color models.

  • #213 ’69 Camaro – mf dk. green – pr5 (TRU excl.)
  • #221 Twin Mill – mf red – os5 (TRU excl.)
  • #236 ’64 Chevy Nova Station Wagon – mf black – sp5 (TRU excl.)TRU exclusives

Wheel variations abound in 5-packs and the ’65 Mustang

It’s been a while since we have seen any variations with 5-packs. This year that all changed. The first car that came to our attention was the X-Games 2008 Lancer Evolution which went from blue chrome to chrome 10 spokes. Now it seems that all cars that have blue chrome on the wheels either on the whole wheel or just the rim are now switching to chrome. With this in mind we started to look at other cars in 5-packs and we found all the yellow “painted” wheels are switching to gold chrome. Currently we are working on a complete list of 5-pack car that have changed so far. Check the variations on the 5-pack page.2008 (Mitsubishi) Lancer Evolution (o)2008 (Mitsubishi) Lancer Evolution (o2)

Now for some sad news for Mustang fan. A long time favorite model the ’65 Mustang Convertible has yielded to the cost saving butcher. The ’65 no longer has an opening hood feature or a metal base. Hopefully this change will only happen on 5-pack and mainline and will retain it’s original tooling for premium lines.

65 Mustang 165 Mustang 265 Mustang 365 Mustang 465 Mustang 565 Mustang 6

28th Annual Collectors Convention

28thConLogoFINALwithkeylineWestin Hotel LAX Airport from Oct. 1st thru Oct. 5th 2014.

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New Retro Entertainment

When Mattel puts their mind to it, it can produce the best all diecast model around. The latest Retro Entertainment series is the case in point. The quality of the three new models in this series proves my point. Just by looking at them you know they are Hot Wheels® cars, the quality of the design, the weight, and the attention to details are far more impressive than other diecast out there. Check out all the Retro Entertainment release so far this year.67 GTX

’63 Plymouth Belvedere 426 Max Wedge48 De Lux ’48 Ford Super De Luxe

K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode (a)

K.I.T.T. Super Pursuit Mode

RE dre d2