The Fast & Furious Hot Wheels cars are back!

2014 FandF BPWith the popularity of the movies Hot Wheels with Universal Studios are putting out another series of eight Fast & Furious cars. Currently these have been found on international packaging and are available in Canada and in the oversea market. Only two cars that differ from the 2013 release and that is the ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport and ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona. The Daytona is the same as the New model issue.

Marvel’s – The Amazing Spider-Man!

With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie, Hot Wheels made an 8-car series of Spider-Man themed cars exclusive to Walmart along with a series of track-sets, which can be found at other stores.2014 Spiderman set loose The first track set is the Web Swing Drop-Out track set The set includes an exclusive black Venom Covelight  The set is a track clamp style design  to race Venom over a ramp, pass Spiderman’s swinging web trap and try not to get caught.Web Swing Drop-Out Track Set The second tack set is the Amazing Spider-Man Spider Loop Speedway track set. This track is a clamp-style design to speed down the mega drop to a  ramp that opens and closes for a different outcome; get caught in the web or escape through the loop.   Five cars are included in this set; Retro-Active, HW Pursuit, Dieselboy, Sling Shot and Vandetta. The Amazing Spider-Man Spider Loop Speedway track set The third track set found was is the Speed Circuit Showdown – Spider-Man vs. Electro. At first glance the Retro-Active appear the same as the last set but this one comes with clear pr5 with blue chrome lip.
Speed Curcuit Showdown track sets Three blister pack cars different from the Walmart set were found in Europe. They are the same 3 cars included in the Spider Loop Speedway. But these have different BP artwork. These might be difficult to find do to the fact they might not be available in the US.
Other spiderman BPGood Luck on your spidey hunt!

Spring has Sprung

It’s been another busy month and have a hard time catching up from the 14th Nationals.
New Hot Wheels® are poppin’ up like spring flowers. So many new things to report. The latest are the two most current case codes H which came out during the Nationals and J following up just a couple of weeks later. Also out are the Easter Cars, Fourth of July cars, the newest Retro Entertainment, more Thailand multi-packs, the Mustang 50th 5-pack, throw-in some new Pavement Pounders/Trucking Transporters and over in Europe new Mystery Models. Check out the pages for the newest releases.

retro micc3


Pavement Pounder Bone Shaker

What a Convention

The 14th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals is over and what a great time we had. Ticket sales were a sell-out and over 950 paid ticket holders attended the event that was held in Oak Brook, IL. I believe everyone had a great time. The Hot Wheels Newsletter subscribers that stopped by the newsletter table were given a turquoise ’40 Ford Coupe with fat white wall Real Rider tires. All the other souvenirs cars were well received with the Ghostbuster ECTO-1 selling out at the Sunday toy show! Check out the up coming events. Just to remind you Hot Wheels Newsletter subscribers get the first chance to buy tickets!14 nats 40 ford

The 28TH ANNUAL HOT WHEELS® COLLECTORS CONVENTION will be held at the Westin Hotel LAX Airport from Oct. 1st thru Oct. 5th 2014. Be sure to check This event is produced by Collectors Events Unlimited LLC under license by Mattel.

Start planning ahead now for the 15th ANNUAL HOT WHEELS® COLLECTORS NATIONALS that will be held in Lexington, KY in 2015 from march 25th to the 29th. This event is produced by Collectors Events Unlimited LLC under license by Mattel.

14 nats cars 114 Nats cars 2

CMN Hiway Hauler

3-pack only models. Made in Thailand

2014 3-packWalmart introduced new 3-pack now made in Thailand. We will have to see if other stores will soon follow. As of now these packs contain one 5-pack model and two 3-pack only cars. The 3-pack only cars look similar but have minor changes from the Malaysia versions. We will have to wait and see if 9-car and 20-car gift-packs will soon follow suit. Check out the multi-pack only list for the the latest Thailand models.

G case pick of the mix
Sorry it’s a little late, were getting organized for the upcoming nationals collectors convention. With that said, this is our pick of the mix.The G case assortment was not very impressive. There were a very few new releases and filled with quite a few repaints.
Ryura LX (a)#5 Ryura LX – Love this concept piece from the design team. One of the better pieces to come out lately. The metal flake red pops on this car.
Custom '12 Ford Mustang (d)#18 Custom ’12 Ford Mustang –  Not a fan of soccer but the bright red paint, fan5 wheels and the black, white, and gold stars and stripes work for us.
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (b)#39 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento – Satin gray red interior and gray fan5 wheels make this Need for Speed model is smoking hot.
Altered Ego (b)#167 Altered Ego – After seeing the pearl purple hanging on the shelves for so long around here This red one is a nice alterative.
2013 Chevy Camaro (f)#202 2013 Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro Special Edition – What can you say about the Walmart exclusive ZAMAC series except it’s the best series lately to come out in mainline. With this being the second one this year and finding out about a ’69 Camaro Race Rewards coming soon. Nice homage to this Chevy classic.

Just Born/Hot Wheels® Creations

Just in time for Easter! The latest Pop Culture line is from Just Born Quality Confections I found three of my favorite candies made into Hot Wheels® cars; Peeps, Mike and Ike, and Hot Tamales. There are six great castings and some amazing card art that will catch your eye. In fact I stop and look at them every time I pass by my display. It’s just an observation but I believe the most popular piece will be the red hot Hot Tamales Long Gone followed by the second release of the  ’85 Chevy Astro Van.  Take a look at all the Just Born Hot Wheels® on the loose.Just Born Group 1

Just Born Group 2

The Ponies are on the Loose

Mustang 50 years BPThe ponies have been unchained from their cages and now are free to roam the range. The latest series from Hot Wheels® is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mustang power. From the ’62 Ford Mustang Concept to the ’13 Ford Mustang GT. Hurry and get yer exclusive eight car series is at your local Walmart now because they will be galloping out the door. Check out the complete series in our specialty series page. Mustang 50 years group