15th Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals

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Coming to the Nationals
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15th annual Nationals sneek oneFirst 15th Nationals Sneak Peek

15th annual Nationals bronco

Second 15th Nationals Sneak Peek

15th Nationals drag Dairy

Third 15th Nationals Sneak Peek

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This event is produced by Collectors Events Unlimited LLC under license by Mattel.

The Kmart Collector Day February 14.


Order Form for the ’71 El Camino Mail-in

mart Collectors Day Event, Get ready for it!
When: Saturday, 2/14 at 9 a.m. local times
Where: U.S. Kmart Stores (excluding Puerto Rico)
Info: Click here to find a location.

Click here for the Official Rules
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Here are the special recolors:
’69 Chevelle SS 396 – Muscle Mania (Grabber blue)CFK09_300px
’86 Monte Carlo SS – Muscle Mania (Amazon green)
Datsun 620 – HW Hot Trucks (Light yellow)CFK03_300px
Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept – Track Aces (Satin white)CFK05_300px

And the promo is a gorgeous ’71 El Camino
Body Color: Spectraflame black
Deco: Red hood cowl & roof, red & gold flame deco on sides
Wheels: Real Riders “steelie” wheels w/red stripe tampo (Wheel type: RRst/rs)
Base: Zinc-plated chassis
Window Color: Clear
Interior Color: Silver

Hot Wheels Pop Culture and Cool Classics heating up

Even though there is little action at any of the retail stores. Online stores such as A&J Toys are heating up with new Pop Culture, Retro and the one of the final two assortments of Cool Classics. Check out the Pop Culture Nickelodeon and Cool Classics pages for the latest up date and photos. The Pop Culture theme which most collectors seem to enjoy havetwo different designs on the sides of the cars. Not all but most of the SpongeBob releases continue to do this. Keep it up Mattel it’s a nice little surprise when you open them up.

SpongeBob Group 1

SpongeBob Group 2

SpongeBob Group 4

SpongeBob Group 3

Unfortunately Cool Classics maybe coming to an end but the last 2 assortment won’t be disappointing. The final ten cars in this assortment are some of the best in this series. The K mix is out now with the last mix due out in March 2015.

Cool Classics Group K mix

D Cases finally hit!

Along with Star Wars Dump Bins most Walmart received D case dump bins. The Fast FeLion is the regular Treasure Hunt and the Ferrari 599XX is the super Treasure Hunt. New Models include the #5 Backdrafter, #119 ’15 Ford F-150, #130 GT Hunter, and #135 Winning Formula. Other Highlights released in the mix are the #27 ’67 Austin Mini Van with rainbow pr5 wheels and #206 ’74 Brazilian Dodge Charger in the Heat Fleet series. All mainline releases so far can be viewed at 2015 mainline assortment.

2015 D Case new model 2

2015 D Case new model 12015 D Case models 1

A Star Wars Night

The force call out to me to go to my local Walmart and what do I find a scattered selection of Star Wars main line cars. Looking through the display I was only able to pick-off 5 of the eight cars. I’m sure this is the first wave and soon the cars will be more plentiful. Here a group shot of the five I found and you can check out the individual cars in the 2015 assortment under 2015 Star Wars mainline assortment. May the force help you find these.Star wars group


2105 Hot Wheels Mainline List

The earliest in a long time the 2015 Mainline is is up with just a few TBA models

There are four categories and 34 segments for the 2015 line:
• HW City (blue package) – 11 segments of 75 editions
• HW Off-Road (yellow package) – 9 segments of 50 editions
• HW Race (red packager) – 6 segments of 60 editions
• HW Workshop (green package) – 8 segments of 65 editions

There will be 50 New Models, plus 15 Treasure Hunts and 15 Super Treasure Hunts
This year there will be ZAMAC cars exclusive to Walmart. Along with Kmart Collector Days in February, September, and November with color exclusives and a Toy ‘R’ Us summer promotion. These 4 events will offer the Collector Edition Mail-in. The first mail-in looks to be the ’71 El Camino 

View the 2015 Hot Wheels Mainline Segments & Cars List here

Peanuts for the Holidays

The last of the 2014 Pop Culture ends with a Peanuts series and it’s a must have for any Peanuts fans. The details and design of these models are wonderful. The interesting thing are the different design graphics on passenger side compared to the driver side. The favorites of this bunch are the Custom Convoy, ’64 GMC Panel, and the Quick D’Livery. Check out these on the 2014 Pop Culture page.

Convoy Custom (q)Convoy Custom (qds)
Quick D' Livey (c)Quick D' Livey (cds)
Haulin' Gas (f) Haulin' Gas (fds)

1951 GMC C.O.E. (e) 1951 GMC C.O.E. (dds)'56 Ford Truck (z) '56 Ford Truck (zds)'64 GMC Panel (j)'64 GMC Panel (jds)

RLC Rewards Beatnik Bandit

Better late then never. The RLC 2013 Rewards Beatnik Bandits are finally shipping after a long back order. After all the disgruntled comments made about this rewards choice these car is amazing with the Spectraflame light green paint two-tone white and lime int., clear dome and the Real Rider 5 spokes,  The graphics are simple and somewhat reminiscent to the original. Limit to 8100 pieces made this one will be a hit with collectors old and new. Check out other Beatnik Bandit releases and all known variations.

Beatnik Bandit 3 Beatnik Bandit 2 Beatnik Bandit 1

The Blitz

The Walmart Blitz 9-pack offered very little variety this year because all cars from 2013 5-packs. Some reported finding gold chrome wheels replacing yellow wheels on some models but these have been found in 5-packs previously. Other cars reported have not been found or reported in the 5-packs or the Thailand made 3-packs. The list of variations will be available within the 2013 5-packs page. The first one is the Nitrium from the Triple Track Twister 5-pack. This car original had light blue chrome os5 and the Blitz version has chrome os5. The other car that is popular with collectors is the Mazda Furai which was found with chrome os5 instead of blue chrome os5. Now the most interesting model is the Jester. It’s now made with a metal body instead of plastic and the metal interior is now plastic. Others include Audacious with dk. green os5 and the Urban Agent with a clear blue rocket which is apart of the windows.

Nitrium (h2) Urban Agent (h2) Mazda Furai (d2) Jester (l) Audacious (j2) Synkro (k2)

In the Holiday 4 pack available at Target the clear yellow Synkro from the Super Loop Chase Race 5-pack coming with blue chrome y5. This variation like all other found in the Blitz 9-pack may have been found in 5-packs.