2016 Character Cars – Super Mario Bros.

Character Cars Mario BPCharacter Cars – Super Mario Bros.

#1 Mario – red – sp5
#2 Luigi – green – sp5bk
#3 Yoshi – green and white – sp5or
#4 Princess Peach – pink – white pr5pk
#5 Bowser – green and orange – BlOr/gy
#6 Toad – white – sp5

Items and dates subject to change until released.

Release Date August 2016

Latest Releases

Whew! The last 6 week have been a little hectic and I can’t seem to find the time to post all the new cars found since the 16th Nationals held in Indy. Most of the cars found have been updated. Check out the 2016 assortment for new mainline releases, Zamac, Treasure Hunts, 5-Packs, Marvel Character Cars, Pop Culture, Entertainment and store exclusives. Check back as new cars are added daily.
The latest issue of the Hot Wheels Newsletter is out and includes the ticket form for the 30th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention held this fall in Los Angeles CA.


DSCN8310 DSCN8275

Spring 2016

Finish adding ‘G’ case to the mainline collector number list. New Models include; Blitzspeeder, Renault Sport R.S.01, and Tanknator, the regular and super Treasure Hunts are the Mig Rig and ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona. Check out what is going to be in ‘H’ cases due out in early April. Also added is the Pop Culture Star Trek 50th Anniversary, multi-pack only and a new color for the Chevy II gift pack exclusive. Just found is the first mix of two mixes of the Target exclusive Retro series which will include 16 models and playsets to match. The price point of $1.29 should make this popular with collectors especially some of the models having metal/metal construction. The RLC Special Edition Porsche 993 GT2 done in the popular Gulf livery sold out quickly even with 6000 pieces made. Walmart continues it’s special themed series sets with Captain America eight cars set, The Beatles six car set, and Ford Performance eight car set. Mostly set for the international market Kroger’s stores will be picking up a small quantity of the eight car Soccer series set.Blitzspeeder (a)Renault Sport R.S. 01 (a)Tanknator (a)Retro series 1

Kmart Collectors Day Event 02/20/2016

Official Blown Delivery Order Form

Official Rules

When: Saturday, 2/20 at 9 a.m. local times
Where: U.S. Kmart Stores (excluding Puerto Rico)
Info:  Click here to find a location.
In the specially-packed cases for this event, you’ll find four Kmart exclusive editions:

Special Colors
#95 ’66 Ford 427 Fairlane – HW Flames (Orange)
#104 ’71 Dodge Challenger – Then and Now (Green)
#109 ’15 Dodge Challenger – Then and Now (Green)
#192 Custom ’69 Volkswagen Squareback – HW Art Cars (White)
66 ford fairlane71 dodge challenger15 Dodge Challengersquareback

#99 ’65 Pontiac GTO Judge – HW Flames (White)
#105 ’68 Shelby GT500 – Then and Now (Orange)
#124 ’69 Dodge Charger Daytona – Muscle Mania (Green)
65 Pontiac gto 69 dodge charger kmart 68 Shelby GT500

This event will also be a great place to start picking up your 20 cars for your free Kmart Collector Edition Blown Delivery! Don’t miss out!

16th Annual Collectors Nationals

16 Nationals logo cropThe 16th Annual Collectors Nationals will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana from April 6th to the 10th 2016. Check www.hwcollectorsnationals.com for information updates. Subscribe to the Hot Wheels® Newsletter to get a registration form to purchase ticket.

Subscribers of the Newsletter that come to the Nationals will receive a special edition souvenir car. 

This event is produced by Collectors Events Unlimited LLC under license by Mattel.