Collector’s Edition #3 Long Gone

The next Collector’s Mail in will be the Long Gone. Look for these 3 special color edition for you collection that should be coming in the ‘M’ case assortments,

Items accepted for mail-in are:
C4982- International long card hw basic
L2593- USA long card hw basic
K5904- 3 car packs
1806- 5 packs
X6999- 9 packs
H7045- 20 packs
CGN22- 50 packs


Promotion runs Sunday July 2nd through Saturday September 9th. For More information click here

Hot Wheels Newsletter and Convention 31

The latest issue of the Hot Wheels Newsletter Issue 31-2 is out. Now in full color and contains the the 31st Hot Wheels Collectors Convention ticket form.

All subscribers of the newsletter that come to the 31st Convention will receive a FREE special Hot Wheels

Newsletter souvenir car done by Chris Stangler’s Customs.

To subscribe to the Newsletter Click Here.

Go to Collectors Event Unlimited for more information.

RLC Neo-Classics ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport

This is a beautiful rendition of the Gran Torino with it’s coke bottle styling and emphasized the on the long hood, short trunk and the radical large egg-crate grille. Mattel captured this and more in this Neo-Classics version in Spectraflame Olive a signature color made famous in the movie Gran TorinoThe pale green stripes encompass the hood, roof, trunk, and sides and include all the trim details too. It has a chrome metal base and engine compartment, The hood opens, the first time for this model  to show off it’s eight single barrel carburetor engine. This piece is limited to 5000 pieces. Take look at all the ’72 Ford Gran Torino Sport  models issued.