Tom and Jerry Now at Walmart

Tom and Jerry BPTom and Jerry are up to their antics again but this time in Hot Wheels cars. Check out these six fun-filled cars with wonderful cartoon card art. Get them now. Only at Walmart.  Check out all six cars here

Tom and Jerry photo 1

Pop Culture Star Wars cars are now in our galaxy

Get the latest release of the Hot Wheels Pop Culture cars available now. This segment should be a hit with Star Wars collectors along with Hot Wheels collectors. The choices of cars fit the character they are made to represent. Haulin’ Gas for CP03 and Quick D-Livery for R2-D2 are perfect.  The Spoiler Sport with Darth Varth almost, with a stretch of your imagination could be a Tie Fighter. Check out this new series on our Pop Culture page.

L Case assortment, Pop Culture, Entertainment and more

Retail outlets filled the shelves in June with a large assortment of new cars. Some Walmart received L cases with the latest Zamacs, The Entertainment selection and Pop Culture: Batman Classics TV Series and Marvel. Target have the first appearance of the high anticipated Heritage line. Most store sold out quickly with its low price point of $2.49. The latest New Models include: D-Muscle, Cadillac Elmiraj, X-Stream, and Tesla Model S. The regular Treasure Hunt is the Piranha Terror and the Super Treasure Hunt is the ’65 Ford Mustang 2+2. The Zamac in this mix include:  #10 Fast-Bed Hauler, #11 ’68 Mercury Cougar, #12 Super Van. Check out all of the 2015 releases here. Another new model in the Entertainment line is the Ford F-250.

L Case New models 1

L Case New models 2L case ZAMAC

Custom Greenbrair

Mattel also introduced a new plastic Off-road wheels to it’s arsenal. It’s first appearance is on the Off Duty found in “L” cases. It’s a Bead Lock design found on most real off road wheels today.  Information received from Mattel that it’s called bead lock off road wheel and it’s abbreviation will be BlOr.Bead Lock Off road wheel

K Case assortment

Roughly about a month behind coming to retail K cases have shown up. This so far has been one of the best assortments this year. There are 4 new models:  Great Gatspeed, Drifsta, ’90 Acura NSX, and Aston Martin Vantage GT3. With the regular Treasure Hunt being the Mad Splash and the Super Treasure Hunt being the 2008 Mitsubishi Evo Revolution.New Models K (3)New Models KNew Models K (2)

2015 Father’s Day Cars

Father’s Day cars finally hit the local Kmart. The $2.49 price tag will deter many from buying these 4 exclusive models. Still they are a well rounded assortment to make any Father’s Day dad happy. The four models include: ’63 Mustang Concept, Custom 11 Camaro, Corvette C6 convertible, and the Poison Arrow. Check out the individual pictures these models here.Father's Day pic 1