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The second mix of the popular Entertainment series is hitting stores and hobby dealers such as A&J Toys. This mix include two new casting BBTF Hover Mode from the movie The BTTF Part II and James Bond 007 Toyota 2000 GT Roadster from the movie You only live Twice. Other movie releases include the well-liked ’67 Camaro featured in Christine, BTTF Time Machine – Mr. Fusion which first appeared in Back to the Future and The Fast & Furious ’70 Dodge Charger R/T. Check these out individually on the 2015 Entertainment page.
Entertainment 8-15 (2)Entertainment 8-15 (1)Other updates include:
The latest mainline assortment Mix P, along with the latest Character cars: DC ComicsStar Wars and Marvel.
The newest Walmart exclusive Road Trippin’ cars have been added to the 2015 assortment.
HW Road Rrippin Mix 3The ’76 Greenwood Corvette has arrived. Check out these photos and look at the already released 2015 mail-in cars.
76 greenwood corvette 76 greenwood corvette (3) 76 greenwood corvette (2)

The Heritage Redline assortment are in the stores

The second wave of the Heritage series hit and was well received by the collectors. The Redline selection of this series are what Hot Wheels collectors were waiting for: metal body and bases with basic wheel redlines. The first six casting choices of the eighteen in this assortment are a well rounded selection for all types of collectors. ’55 Chevy Gasser for old school drag racer. The Copper Stopper/Paddy Wagon for the classic collector, The Dodge Dart for street rod enthusiast. The ’49 Ford F1 for the truck lover. The Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X for a classic import and the ’70 Chevelle SS Wagon for the devoted station wagon fans. Check this one along with latest 5-pack Nitrobot Attack and what’s in the N case mix.DSCN5284DSCN5285

Kroger’s Showdown The Fast Four and the International Mystery Models

The new Kroger stores exclusive – Showdown: The Fast Four – uses 4 models and designs from the 2014 Mystery models that were available in Europe. The main difference is that the Mystery Models are made in Thailand and The Fast Four are made in Malaysia. When comparing the four models these are the most noticeable differences found.

Kroger's compare to Mystery Models 1#1 Power Pipes
Thailand – slightly darker green, clear yellow canopy, darker orange in design
Malaysia – light green, cloudy yellow canopy, lighter orange in design

Kroger's compare to Mystery Models 2#2 ’11 Dodge Charger R/T
Thailand – light mf orange gold color
Malaysia – dark mf orange color

Kroger's compare to Mystery Models 3#3 ’70 Pontiac GTO
Thailand – dark orange base and orange in design, tinted windows, open 5 spoke wheels.
Malaysia – light orange base and orange in design, clear windows, Muscle car 5 spokes

Kroger's compare to Mystery Models 4#4 Growler
Thailand – light pearl blue color, dark orange in design flat black metal base.
Malaysia – pearl blue color, light orange in design, satin black metal base.

Mattel Hot Wheels Character Cars

The latest Hot Wheels Star Wars Character Cars from are slowly appearing in stores. All series of character cars are some of coolest fantasy designs. The latest: Wicket, the Ewok and Kanan and The Inquisitor from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. All the cars in this series are action-packed and represent the characters well. These will continue to be favorites of Hot Wheels and Star Wars fans. Check out these and others here.
Star Wars 1
SDCC Marvel

Just received the Hot Wheels Marvel Character Cars Secret Wars San Diego Comic con exclusive. The box book-style set includes 3 models, Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Superior Iron Man and Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spiderman.Marvel Secert Wars 1

On the Loose – ’83 Chevy Silverado 4X4

DSCN4947Mattel Hot Wheels Red Line Club series 13 Real Riders #1 83 Chevy Silverado went on sale on 7/7/2015 and sold out in just a few minutes. One of 4000 pieces made. This piece is attractively done in Spectraflame orange and white, sporting off-road slot Rael Riders and nicely detailed.DSCN4950

'83 Chevy Silverado (Lifted) (c)DSCN4949DSCN4951