Live Nation, Retro Entertainment and Boulevards

Just received a package from A&J Toys caulk full for new series cars. There is no disappointing casting in these three selections. Although some of the models in the Retro line are not exact to the original series cars but they do represent the era and the style of the cars of that time. One of my favorites is the ’71 Plymouth Satellite station wagon. I believe there were about 5 different station wagons were used in the series and this one doesn’t match any of them.  It is done up in true Hot Wheels style with a shaker hood and large rear tires. Greg must of gotten his hands on it when Mike and Carol were away for the weekend. As for the Boulevards, I’m sad to see this series end. The last of this series did give us 3 great new castings for future enjoyment. I hope they use them often. Enjoy the group shots of these series and individual cars under 2013 Assortment category.

DSCN2721 DSCN2715 DSCN2708

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