Wheels and Abbreviations

Understanding Listing Descriptions
Color – Body Color of the Car
Base – Bases made of plastic will not be mentioned. If it a metal base it will be noted.
 – Base date – The base year should not bee confused with the year of release. The year on the base refers to the copyright date of the model and the date (in parentheses) in the listing is the date of release of that model.
Interior – The description on the interior color.
Windows – Most of the time the Windows are plastic with a few painted on windows. There are 3 types: Windows, Windshields and Canopies,
Tampo Color & Design,
Wheels – Wheels are plastic unless noted when a description starts with (rr). See wheel types
Country of Origin – Where the cars where manufactured See list below
Series – The name of the series the model was released in.
(Year of Release) this is when the model was available in the store.
Estimated Price – First price loose mint, Second price mint in package.

Wheel types
Plastic Wheels
Real Riders

Countries of Origin
China – Ch.
France – Fr.
Hong Kong – HK
India – In.
Indonesia – Indo.
Italy – It.
Malaysia – Mal.
Mexico – Mex
Thailand – Th.

Color Abbreviations
black – bk
blue – bu
brown – bn
chrome – ch
gold chrome – gd
gray/grey – gy
green – gn
magenta – ma
orange – or
pink – pk
rb – rainbow (multi-color chrome)
red – rd
tn – tan
tnt – tint
white – wh
yellow – yw

Description Abbreviations
MF/mf – Metal flake
Dk. – Dark
Lt. – Light
Interior – int.
Hot Wheels – HW
Walmart – WM
Kmart – KM
Toy ‘R’ Us – TRU
anniversary – anniv.
exclusive – excl.
international – intl.
Glow-in-the-Dark Wheels – glowhls

Wheel Sponsors Tampos
hsr – Hoosier
gyt – Goodyear
gyte – Goodyear Eagle
fs – Firestone
bfg – B.F. Goodrich
mt – Mickey Thompson

Tire Tampo Variations
bl – blue line
rl – red line
gdl – gold line
gnl – green line
orl – orange line
pkl – pink line
pul – purple line
tql – turquoise line
yl – yellow line
wl – white line
ww – whitewall

4 thoughts on “Wheels and Abbreviations

  1. Would it be possible to include a picture of wheel with the abbreviation so newer collectors can become familiar with differences, and identity on sight??

    • Hi Kevin, The wheel portion of this page is in the works. I’ve added pictures to the plastic wheels and I’m working on Real Riders wheel pictures and will be added soon. I’m also in the process of add other older wheel descriptions.- Jim

  2. Looking forward to the pic’s that go with the wheels. That will be very helpful. Thanks for the hard work. I’m sure it is time consuming.

  3. Thank You to all who have made this website possible. Its truely remarkable just how much knowledge can be found and used from this site. I use hwcollectorsnews daily and have been using what ive learned on here to teach other beginner collectors like myself. Keep the info coming. Im sure it is very time consuming, with that, many praises from here. The page has been homescreen shortcutted on my phone. Andrew J. Sutton

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