Turbo Rooster – 73mm – 2017

This Malaysia made street beast racer has a metal base with a plastic body, engine and interior, and windows.

 a. red, metal base, chrome int., tinted windows, black and white stripes and “17”  on top, pr5/wh-rim. Street Beast #89 $1 – 2
 b. white, mf red metal base, chrome int., red windows, silver, black and red stripes and “17”  on top, pr5/rd-rim. Street Beast #191 1 – 2
 c. yellow, metal base, chrome int., tinted windows, blue, purple, and red stripes on top, red pr5or. Street Beast #39 (2018) 1 – 2
 d. bright orange, blue metal base, chrome int., blue windows, blue, and yellow design on top, pr5yw, Indo. Street Beast 5-pack (2019) 2 – NA

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