Sting Rod – 76mm – 1988

This Malaysia made army off-road attack vehicle based on an 86 Pontiac Fiero GT has a metal body and base  with two plastic rockets in back, interior  with machine guns through the hood and on the sides.
Also known as: Ammo (1993)
a. olive, an olive metal base, black int., and rockets, dk. green, brown, and tan camouflage, ctbk. $8 – 12
a2. olive, as a, ctsbk. 10 – 18
b. tan, as a, tan base, olive, brown, and white camouflage tampo, ctbk, Mal. 10 – 15
b2. tan, as b, ctsbk   12 – 22
 c. mf gray, red base, orange int. and guns, cts, Ch. #488 (1996) 2 – 4
d. gray, black metal base, black interior and guns, met blue windshield, red, yellow, green, and black design w/guns and bullets all over, ctsbk, Ch. Tattoo Machines (1993) 2 – 4
e. flat dk. green, yellow base, bright yellow int. and guns, black green and white design on sides, ct5gd, Mal. Race World – Battle #200 (2010) 1 – 2
 e2. flat dk. green, as e, os5gd, Mal. Race World – Battle #200 (2010) 1 – 2
 f. mf lt. blue, chrome base, orange int. and guns, orange, white and black design w/“3” on sides, or6/or, Th. Attack Pack 5-pack (2011) 2 – NA
g. mf gray, metal base, silver int. and guns, blue rockets, black, white, red, and blue design, “5025” on roof and sides, “Police” on hood and sides, ct, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 2 – 3
 h. mf green, metal base, dk. gray int., olive rockets, black and yellow stripes on hood and sides, “Sting Rod” on sides, ctgn, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 2 – 4
 i. mf red, red base, tan int., gray rockets, black and gold design on hood, “Iron Man”, ct5gd, Th. Marvel Avengers #6 (2015) 1 – 3
j. mf blue orange base, gold int., orange, yellow, olive and black design on top and sides, “Dino Ranger” on sides, brown BlOr/gd, Mal. Dino Riders #40 TH (2019) 2 – 4

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