Steam Punk Truck – 85mm – 2018

This China made custom tow truck has a metal body and base with a plastic interior, window and tow hook boom.
 a. mf brown, chrome metal base, chrome int., clear windows, blue, black, white, and gold details and “Dr Wood’s Dirigible Salvage” on sides, rr10spcp/ch-rim. 32nd Convention Dinner Car LE4000 30 – 60
b. spec olive, chrome metal base, chrome int. and tow hook, clear windows, brown, ivory and white star and “Red Line Club Heavy Transporter” on sides, rr5spbk/gd-rim, Ch. RLC Special Edition LE6000 (2019) 30 – 45

Picture RLC Special Edition 3-D Printed version LE 250 Valued at $325

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