Speed Seeker – 75mm – 1984

This Hong Kong made concept car has a metal body and base, two movable plastic canopies, plastic interior.
Similar castings: Mantis (1970), Double Vision (1973 and 2012)
Also known as Speed Machine (1996)
Note: As of 1996 the canopies were not moveable.

a. met dk. red, metal base, black int., tinted canopies, black, yellow, and white lightning bolt tampo in front, uh. Ultra Hots  $9 – 12
a2. met dk. red, as a, uh, Mal. Ultra Hots 9 – 12
b. met gold, yellow int., yellow canopies, as a2, red replaces black in tampo, uh, Mal. Ultra Hots Stamper 3-pack (1985) 12 – NA
c.  white, yellow int., yellow canopies, red and green snake design on hood (1987) 2 – 3
 d. mf lt. aqua, metal base, white int., red canopies, red, yellow, and black design w/teeth along sides and eyes, nostrils and teeth in front. sp7, Mal. Street Eater #412 (1996) 2 – 3
 d2. mf aqua, as d, sp5, #412 2 – 3
 e. white, white int., red canopies, sp3. Mal. White Ice #561 (1997)  2 – 3
 f.  purple, white int., tinted canopies, orange and white design w/“Q4” on nose, “’98 Bonus Car” on sides, sp3. Mal. Bonus Car in baggie (1998) 4 – NA
 g. black, lt. brown int., clear canopies, mf brown spots on car, dw3, Mal. Tech Tones #747 (1998) 2 – 3
 h. black and white, yellow canopies, yellow, red, orange, and white flames on sides and hood w/“Speed Seeker” on sides, ho5gd, Mal. #1088 (1999) 2 – 3
 i. mf purple, white int., yellow canopies, black, white, and orange design w/“Space Invasion 2000” on sides, sp3, Th. Star Explorers 5-pack (1999) 2 – NA
 j.  green, metal base, white int, blue canopies, yellow, black, and dk. blue design with “Hammerhead” on sides, hammerhead shark on nose, sp5, Th. Shark Park 5-pack (2001) 2 – NA
 k. flat black, orange metal base, white int., red canopies, white, gray, and red-brown design w/“Insectiride Beetle” on hood, ho5, Th. Insectiride 5-pack (2002) 2 – NA
k2. flat black, as k, no tampo, ho5, Th. 20-car pack (2002) 3 – 5
l.  mf purple, black metal base, white int., red canopies, red, green, black, and white design w/“Bang”, “Ha, Ha” on hood, “Joker” on trunk, Hot Wheels logo on rear, y5rd, Th. Batman 5-pack (200) 2 – NA
l2. mf purple, as l, “& DC Comics (’04)” added to trunk tampo, y5rd, Th. Batman 5-pack (2004) 2 – NA
l3. mf purple, as l2, sp5rd, Th. Batman 5-pack (2004) 2 – NA
 m. mf green, metal base, gray int., blue canopies, lt. blue and yellow stripes and “84” on top, ho, Th. The Hot Ones (2011) 2 – 4
m2. mf green, as m, howl, Th. The Hot Ones (2011) 3 – 9

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