Shock Factor – 68mm – 1992

This Malaysia made off-road racing sprint buggy has a metal body and base plastic interior, driver, and sides, rear spoiler.

 a. black, metal base, pink int., yellow, red, and blue design w/“7” on sides, “7” and racing decals on spoiler, ct. #141 $2 – 3
a2. black, as a, red int. and sides, #141 (1995) 25 – 30
b. red, metal base, red int., white “FX” and blue and white eye on sides, Nintendo logo on wing, ct. Cereal promo in baggie (1994) 10 – NA
c.  lt. green, blue metal base, black int., dk. blue, lt. blue and white wave design on sides and rear wing, ct. Toy Story pack, w/disc (1996) 10 – NA
c2. lt. green, as c, sp5, Mal. Toy Story Action pack (1999) 8 – NA
 d. yellow, metal base, blue sides and int., black, red, and white design w/“5” on sides, “Shock Factor Racing” on wing, bw, Ch. #700 (1998) 2 – 3
 e. yellow, gray metal base,  black int., orange, black, and gray design w/“2” and race decals on sides, “2” and “Goodyear” on wing, bw, Ch. Off-Road Racing 4-pack (1998) 3 – NA
 f.  black, metal base, black int., gold and silver design w/“Mystery Car” on sides, “Q2” on spoiler, bw, Ch. Mystery Cars promo in baggie (1999) 4 – NA
g. yellow, metal base, purple int., purple Hot Wheels logo on wing, sp5, Ch. Toy Story game (1999) 3 – NA
 h. red, metal base, black int., white, gray, and black design w/“Tyco RC” on wing, ctd, Mal. Timeless Toys II 4-pack (2000) 5 – NA
 i.  bright lime yellow, metal base, black int., black, gray, and gold design on sides, roof, and wing, ctd, Mal. #121 (2002) 2 – 3
 i2. bright lime yellow, as i. ct5 #121 (2002) 2 – 3
j.  black, metal base, red int., black, yellow, red, and white design w/“2” on sides and “Hot Wheels”, “2” and “Mojave Racing” on rear wing, ct5, Ch. Alt Terrain series, #154 (2003) 2 – 3
k. satin orange, metal base, chrome int., silver, white, and blue design on rear wing, w/“8” on top of sides, ct5, Mal. #196 (2006) 2 – 3
 k2. satin orange, as k, blue chrome int., ct5, Mal. #196 (2006) 2 – 3
l.  black, metal base, orange int., orange and white stripes w/“68” on wing, ct5, Mal. Truckin’ Transporters (2008) 3 – 5
 l2. black, as al, sp5, Truckin’ Transporters pack (2008) 3 – 5
 m. mf aqua, metal base, red int., white, red, and yellow design w” Nevada on sides and wing, ‘36” and “Battle Born’ on top, “Mint Racing” on sides ct5, Mal. Connect Cars #36 (2009) 3 – 5

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