S’Cool Bus – 77mm – 1994

This China remake of the 1971 model has a metal base and lift-up body with a plastic interior and body support.
Similar casting: S’Cool Bus (1971)

 a. yellow, metal base, black int. and black support, orange plastic air scoop, black and white tampo w/“S’Cool Bus” and black stripe on sides, “S’Cool Bus” and “854 C.I.” on hood, bwrl. Vintage Collection $12 – 15
a2. yellow, as a, Target Stores 4-pack (1996) 12 – NA
b. mf yellow, as a (1994) 12 – 15
c. mf gold, as a, Vintage series 8-pack (1994) 10 – NA
 d. gold-plated, white int., red Hot Wheels logo in back, bwgdrl. F.A.O. Schwartz Gold Collection II 16-pack, LE4000 (1995) 8 – NA
e. white, turquoise int., pink “Redline Spring Break” and green stripe on sides, bwrl. LE10,000 (1995) 18 – 20
f. blue, white roof, black int., red, white, black, and silver design w/flames and “2nd Nationals” on sides, 2nd Annual Nationals logo on hood, rrrl. 2nd Annual Nationals LE4000 (2002) 20 – 25
g. mf silver, red int., black nose and water droplets spray, w/details, white, black, yellow, and red Penske Auto Centers design, rrPenske Speed Trac HP, Ch. Penske Auto Centers (2001) 15 – 20
 h. red, as g, rrPenske Speed Trac HP, Ch. Penske Auto Centers (2001) 8 – 10
i. red and black, black int., white and red stripes on sides, w/Mothers Wax design on sides and roof, pr5, Th. packaged w/bottle of Mother’s wax (2003) 5 – 7
j. spec. yellow, black int., chrome scoop, yellow and white flames on hood and sides, stripes, and “S’Cool Bus” on sides, w/details, rsw, Ch. HWC, 5th Annual Collectors Nationals LE10,000 (2005) 12 – 15
k. black, red roof, black int., red scoop, red and white flames w/”S’Cool Bus” on sides, sp5rl, Mal. Flying Customs (2006) 4 – 6
 l. gold chrome, black int., red scoop, black and red flames on roof and sides, w/“S’Cool Bus” on sides, sp5rl, Mal. Super Chromes (2006) 4 – 6
m. chrome, as k, blue and white flames, sp5rl, Mal. Super Chromes (2006) 4 – 6
 n. mf black, black int., chrome scoop, yellow stripe w/“864 C.I.” on hood, and S’Cool Bus” on hood and sides, bwrl, Mal. Since ’68 40th Anniversary 40-pack (2007) 6 – NA
o. spec purple chrome metal base, black in., lt. purple and purple flames on top and sides, bwgyt, Ch. sELECTIONs series #3 (2009) 10 – 20

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