Science Friction – 67mm – 1978 / 1993

Made in Hong Kong this futuristic police car has a metal body and base with a exposed plastic engine and windows, radar, front bumper and guns, bw.
Note: Radar and dome light was removed in 1984.
Also  known as: Flame Runner (1984), Back Burner (1986), Lightning Storm (1993)

 a. white, metal base, chrome engine and windows, orange radar, front bumper and guns, black, yellow, and red tampo on sides, “Space Cop” on doors, bw. $10 – 15
a2. white, as a, hogd (1982) 7 – 10
b. magenta, red, blue, and lt. blue stripes on sides, hogd, Mal. (1982) 9 – 12
c. mf dk. red, as b, hogd, Mal. The Hot Ones (1983) 8 – 12
 d. met gold, metal base, black engine, red front bumper and guns, black windows, white, orange, and dk. red flames on top, uh, HK. Ultra Hots (1984) 5 – 9
d2. met gold, as d, Mal. (1984) 5 – 9
e. unpainted, as e2, yellow replaces orange in tampo, uh, Mal. Ultra Hots Stamper 3-pack (1985) 15 – NA
f. met dk. red, metal base, “Flame Runner” on the base, chrome windows and exposed engine, front bumper and guns, white, yellow, and blue lightning bolt design on top uh, Mal. Ultra Hots (1986) 5 – 9
 g. mf dk. blue, metal base, chrome windows and exposed engine, red light and guns, lt. blue, pink, lt. green, and black lightning bolts on top and sides, bw, Ch. Tattoo Machines (1993) 3 – 5

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