Pro Stock Firebird – 86mm – 2000

This Malaysia made drag racer has a metal body and base, plastic interior, windows, and hood scoop.
Note: As of 2014 the hood scoop is now apart of the interior.
Also known as: Pro Stock Pontiac,

 a. yellow, metal base, white plastic interior, tinted windows, white, magenta, red and black design w/“Kaboom” and race decals on sides and hood, sp5. 2000 First Editions, #064 $2 – 3
 b. black, as a, 2000 First Editions #064 2 – 3
 c.  white, silver metal base, black int., clear windows, red scoop, red and black design on hood, w/“Proch Racing” and race decals on sides, pr5, Ch. #099 (2001) 2 – 3
 d. black, silver metal base, white int., tinted windows, gray scoop, pink and silver design on sides and hood, skull on sides, pr5. Ch. Skin Deep #096 (2001) 2 – 3
 e. mf lt. blue, metal base, black int., blue windows, yellow snorkel, yellow, lt. blue, black and white Spree race team design on sides, “Spree” on hood, “1” on roof, sp5, Mal. Sweet Rides #096 (2002)
e2. mf blue-gray, as e. sp5, Ch. Sweet Rides #096 (2002)
f. white, metal base, black int., blue windows, pink, blue, black and gold See’s Candies and Warn Racing race team design, pr5, Mal. See’s Candies promo (2004)
 g. mf white, metal base, black int. and hood scoop, orange windows, purple, pink, silver and black cougar on sides, sp5, Ch. Wild Cats 5-pack (2005)
 h. mf white, metal base, yellow int. and windows, pink, purple dk. purple and gray design w/”Basket Case” on sides, sp5, Th. Easter Eggclusives (2008)
 i. mf white, metal base, white int., red windows, blue scoop, red, black and blue design with flames on hood and sides “9” and race decals on sides, sp5rd, Mal. Hot Wheels Racing #072 (2009)
i2. mf white as i, chrome plastic base, sp5rd, Mal. Hot Wheels Racing #072 (2009)  2 – 3
j. pearl purple, as i2, gray int., and hood scoop, blue windows, met blue, met pink, and silver design, os5, Mal. Hot Wheels Racing #072 (2009) 1 – 2
k. blue, chrome base, gray int., tinted windows, red scoop, red and white race design on hood and sides, “B&M” and decals on sides, sp5, Mal. HW Performance #102 (2010) 1 – 2
l. red, as k, gray base, blue scoop and int., clear windows, red, white, and blue race design, sp5, Mal. HW Performance #102 (2010) 1 – 2
m. orange, metal base, dk. gray int., tinted windows, black scoop, black, silver red, and blue race design w/ “Jones” on sides and hood, mc5bk/ch-rim, Mal. Racing Kits 2-pack #5 (2011) 2 – NA
o. mf purple, chrome base, gray int., blue windows, yellow scoop, white, black, yellow, and green race design on hood and sides, “Leeway Racing” and decals on sides, sp5gd,  Mal. Cars of the Decades #25 (2011) 2 – 4
 p. pink, black base, gray int., green windows, white, black, gray, and green, stripes on top, flames, “Easter 2014″, ‘Cottontail Racing” and decals, white sp5bk,  Mal. Happy Easter #7 (2014) 1 – 2

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