Mercury Cougar – 75mm – 1998

This Mercury Cougar, is the Nitty Gritty Kitty from 1998 with a metal base, body and opening hood, with a plastic interior and windows.
Also know as: ’68 Custom Cougar
Similar casting: black int. clear windows, Nitty Gritty Kitty (exposed engine), (1998)

 a. mf orange, flat black metal base flat black roof, black metal base, black int., clear windows, silver “Cougar” on sides, rr5sp, Ch. Popular Hot Rodding – Preferred #3 (2002)
 b. red, as a, rr5sp, Ch. Popular Hot Rodding –  Preferred #3 (2002)
 c. mf lt. blue, white roof, metal base, white int., clear windows, black “Cougar” on sides, rr5sp,  Ch. Sweet Rods Premium – Preferred #2 Japan only (2002)

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