Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II – 70mm – 2017

This Thailand made sports sedan has a metal body and base with a plastic interior and windows.
 a. black, metal base, black int. tinted windows, and details, rragy/ch, Th. Car Culture Modern Classics #3 (2017) 2 – 4
 b. black, metal base, silver int., clear windows, gray, white, red, and yellow “Project Cars” on hood and sides, “91” on sides, logo on roof, rragy, Th. Euro Speed #3 (2018) 3 – 6
 c. dk blue, black base and int., tinted windows, blue, white turquoise “Period Correct” on front windshield, hood and sides, “P” on roof, square stripes over body, rradgy/wh-rim, Mal. Period Correct excl. LE700 (2018) 50 – 100
d. red, flat black metal base, black int., yellow roll cage, clear windows, “Mercedes Benz” on windshield, black and yellow MOMO race design, “88” ion sides, rrasl, Th. Car Culture Open Track #2 (2019) 3 – 6
e. turquoise, black metal base, black int., clear windows, blue stripes and decals on sides, details, rr6tswh, Th. Car Culture Team Transport #10 (2019) 10 – 20

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