Hummer – 63mm – 1992

Made in Malaysia this “Humvee” military vehicle has a metal body and base, plastic gun turret  and windows. No interior.
Also known as: Humvee
Note: The gun Turret was removed in 1996.
Note: In 1996 all models had a plastic body and have a thick or thin antenna in the rear.

a. tan, black metal base, tan gun turret  black windows, brown, white, and black camouflage on sides and hood, ct. #188 $3 – 5
a2. tan, black plastic base, brown, orange, and black camouflage on sides and hood, #188 (1993) 2 – 3
a3. tan plastic body, as a2, black metal base and no tampo on hood, #188 (1995) 2 – 3
a4. tan, as a3, black plastic base and body, no tampo on hood, ct. Russell Stover 2-pack (1995) 3 – 5
a5. tan, as a3, ctd, no gun on roof, #188 (1996) 2 – 3
Hummer (b) b. hot pink, purple base, dk. green windows, yellow, lt. green and dk. red flower design w/”Love” and Hot Wheels logo on sides, “Love” and “Peace” on roof, ct, Mal. Mod Bod , #396 (1996) 6 – 8
b2. hot pink, as b, ctd, #396 (1996) 30 – 50
Hummer (b3) b3. dull pink, as b, ct #396 (1996) 12 – 15
Hummer (c) c. blue, metal base, gray windows, red and white #1 and Hot Wheels Race Team design, ctd, Mal. Race Team Series III, #533 (1997) 2 – 3
c2. blue, as c, silver metal base, #533 (1997) 3 – 5
d. dk. blue, black base and windows, red, white, and blue design w/U.S. flag on sides and roof, “405” on sides, “U.S. Charities Racing Team” on hood, ort, Mal. U.S. Charities Racing Team LE10,000 (1997) 20 – 25
Hummer (e) e. white, metal base, black windows, blue, gold, and red design w/”Police”, “17”, “Anti-Drug Unit” and logo on sides, ctd, Mal. #188 (1997) 2 – 3
e2. white, as e, silver metal base, ctd, #188 (1997) 2 – 3
f. white, black metal base, red windows, black, red, and yellow zebra stripe design w/”Hummer Racer, Jungle” on sides, ctd, Mal. #858 (1998) 2 – 3
 f2. white, as f, black outlined “Jungle” on sides, ctd, Mal. Off Road 4X4 5-pack (1998) 2 – NA
Hummer (g) g. aqua, silver metal base, gray windows, gray, black, and yellow design w/ “Hummer” on sides, “Humvee”, “B Man” on top, ctd, In. #1080 (1999) 2 – 3
g2. aqua, as g, metal base, ctd, Mal. #1080 (1999) 2 – 3
g3. aqua, as g, no “Hummer” on sides, ctd, In. #1080 (1999) 2 – 3
h. white, black metal base, red windows, ctd, Mal. Mexico only (2000) 15 – 18
 i. yellow, black base, gray windows, black and red design w/”Camron” on sides and roof, “Rescue” on sides, “012” on roof, ctd, Mal. #162 (2001) 2 – 3
j. lt. brown, black base, gray windows, dk. green and brown camouflage, white, blue, and orange design w/”USMC” on sides, “Padres SD” and Union 76 logo on top, ct5, Mal. San Diego Padres baseball team promo (2002) 8 – 10
 k. red, black base, red windows and int., black, white, and orange design w/”4″, “All Terrain Nationals” on sides, and roof, “Team Noah Offroad” on roof, ct5, Th. 4X4 Monsters 5-pack. (2002) 2 – NA
Hummer (l) l. yellow, metal base, red int. and windows, red, brown, black, and white leopard skin on sides and roof, “Hot Wheels” on sides, ct5, Th. Scrapheads #155 (2004) 2 – 3
Hummer (m) m. black, metal base, blue int. and windows, silver, white, and blue design w/”Humvee”, “Police”, “30”, “Hot Wheels”, and “Heavy Armor Unit” on sides, ct5, Mal. #148 (2005) 2 – 3
Hummer (n) n. chrome, metal base, green int. and windows, green and light green flames. w/”Humvee” on sides, ct5, Mal. Chrome Burnerz #067 (2006) 2 – 3
o. tinted chrome, as n, tinted int. and windows, black and gray design, ct5, Mal. Chrome Burnerz #067 (2006)  2 – 3
 p. gold chrome, metal base, clear int. and windows, ct5gd, Mal. Gold Rides #055 (2007) 2 – 3
p2. gold chrome, as p, silver painted base, ct5gd, Mal. Gold Rides #055 Factory-Sealed set (2007)  5 – 10
Hummer (q) q. mf blue-gray, metal base, gray int., yellow windows, black, white, and yellow lightning bolt w/”Tremblor” on sides, ct5gd, Mal. Batman Tremblor Getaway 2-pack (2007) 3 – 5
r. lt. green, metal base, black windows, olive, black, red, and green camouflage design, ct5, Th. Military Rods #4 (2009) 2 – 3
s. black and white, metal base, black windows, black white and silver Newark Police Dept. design, ct5, Th. Cop Rods #13 (2009) 2 – 3
t. red and white, metal base, black windows, red and black Fargo Fire Dept. design, or6/rd, Th. Fire Rods #24 (2009) 2 – 3
u. gray, metal base, green windows, black and dk. gray camouflage design on sides, ct5gn, Mal. Race World – Battle #198 (2010) 1 – 2
Hummer (v) v. gray, flat black metal base, black painted windows, gray, white, black and yellow lightning bolt and stripes w/ “Hot Wheels” and “V4911” on sides, or6/gd, Mal. multi- pack only (2011) 2 – NA
Hummer (w) w. white, metal base, red windows, met blue, red, and black design on sides, os6/bl-rim, Th. Monster Mission 5-pack (2013) 2 – NA
Hummer (w2) w2. white, as w, os6/ch, Th. Monster Mission 5-pack (2014) 2 – NA
Hummer (x) x. lt green, flat black metal base, tinted windows, green, black, white, and yellow stripes, camo, and “0773” on sides, or6/or, Th. Attack Pack 5-pack (2014) 2 – NA
Hummer (y) y. pearl dk. green, metal base, yellow windows, white, black, and dk. yellow, Hot Wheels logo camo, brown or6/yw, Mal. HW Off-Road – Jungle Rally #105 (2105) 1 -5
Hummer (z) z. red, metal base, blue windows, yellow, black, and white stripes, “Rescue”, and “0773” on sides, “Rescue” on white roof, stripes on hood, or6/yw, Mal. HW Rescue #218 (2016) 1 – 2
 ab. white, flat black metal base, tinted windows, black, olive, and dk. yellow camouflage design on sides, or6/gd, Mal. Camouflage Trucks #2 (2017) 1 – 2
 ac. black, metal base, red windows, silver, red, and white design and “Dino Hunter” on sides, brown ct5rd, Indo. Dino Riders 5-pack (2017) 2 – NA
ad. pearl blue, metal base, green windows, silver, black, and yellow design on roof and sides, tan BlOr/yw, Mal. Dino Riders #250 (2018) 1 – 2
 ae. blue, metal base, orange windows, orange white, blue and silver flame design on roof and sides,or6, Mal. Baja Blazers #133 (2019) 1 – 2

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