Hare Splitter – 70mm – 1979

This Monte Carlo rally car has a metal base, red plastic tire rack with wheel on roof, tinted windows, black plastic interior and lift-up hood, white metal engine, bw, and was made in Hong Kong.
Note: retooled in 2012

a. white, red, black, and plum “3”, “Monte Carlo Rally”, and racing decals on sides. $12 – 15
a2. white, as a, orange tire rack, Mal. (1982) 10 – 12
a3. white, as a, darker tampo, “France” on base, Mex. (1984) 25 – 35
a4. white, as a2, no tire rack, HK (1984)  35 – 40
b. yellow, as a2, HK (1982) 10 – 15
c. lt. blue, gray base, black hood and int., no tire rack, HK, Speed Machines (1983) 20 – 35
d. white, black base, red hood and int., blue windows, bw, Mal. Italy only (1983) 100 – 200
e. yellow, as d, bw, Mal. Italy only (1983) 150 – 225
f. mf aqua, metal base, black int., and tire rack. clear windows, opening hood, red, white and black rally design on hood and sides w/”4″, “Wolfsburg Rally” and decals on sides, bw, Th. The Hot Ones (2012) 2 – 4
 g. dk. blue, metal base, black int. and roof rack, brown windows, yellow and orange stripes on hood and sides, ‘2’ on sides, VW logo on hood, ho, Th. Flying Customs (2013) 2 – 4
 h. mf lt. green, metal base, black int. and roof rack, green and yellow stripes on hood and sides, prr, Th. Heritage #5 (2015) 2 – 4

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