Hammer Down – 76mm – 2010

This fantasy model first appeared in the Color Shifters line in 2010, it has a plastic body and canopy with a metal engine and base.

 a. chrome, mf blue metal base, blue canopy, flat black engine, gray and black flame on top, pr5bu, Th. Creature Cars 5-pack (2011) $2 – NA
 b. gold chrome, pearl white base, red canopy, metal engine, red, white, and black scale design on top, sp5rd, Mal. HW Imagination – Surf Patrol #72 (2013) 1 – 2
 c. lt blue, white metal base, opaque blue canopy, metal engine, met green. blue. and white scale design on top, os5gd, Mal. HW Imagination – Surf Patrol #72 (2013) 1 – 2
 d. red, metal base, white canopy, orange engine, white and orange flames on top, os5or rear / os5rd front, Indo. Street Beast 5-pack (2018) 2 – NA

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