Gotta Go – 60mm – 2017

Made in Malaysia this humorous dump truck has a metal body with a plastic base, fenders and toilet and toilet seat.

 a. lt blue, chrome base, white toilet, black toilet seat, white and black “Gotta Go” on sides sp5, Experimotors #101. $1 – 2
 b. pearl pink, black base, white toilet, pearl pink toilet seat, white, black and pink, “Gotta Go High Speed Plumbing” on sides, pinstripe flames on top and sides, sp5, Mal. Experimotors #49 (2018) 1 – 2
c. lt green, as b, white black and silver design, sp5, Mal. Experimotors Kroger excl. (2018) 1 – 2
d. mf gold, gold base, chrome int., black toilet seat, silver and met blue stripes and “51” on sides, sp5gd, Mal. Satin & Chrome chase (2019) 3 – 6
e. mf blue, silver base, chrome toilet, black toilet seat, white and orange and “Gotta Go” on sides sp5wh, Mal. Experimotors #5 (2020) 1 – 2

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