Fandango – 68mm – 2001

This Malaysia made concept panel truck has a gray plastic base, black interior, orange windows.
Note: As of 2009 it now has a plastic body and metal base. Also used in the Color Shifters line.

fandango-aa. orange, gray base, black int., orange windows, lt. green, black, and white design w/“Fandango” on sides, pr5. 2001 First Editions, #048 $2 – 3
b. black, black base, orange int., clear windows, gray, orange, and red design w/“Auto Zone” on sides, pr5, Mal. Auto Zone Stores, 2-pack (2001) 3 – NA
fandango-c c.  red, black base, gray int., clear windows, black, white, gray, and orange design w/Hot Wheels logo on sides, pr5, Mal. 2002 Hot Wheels blue book 3-pack on card (2002) 3 – NA
c2. red, as c, white int., pr5, Mal. Blue Book 3-pack (2002) 15 – 20
c3. red, as c, gray int., pr5, Th. Park and Race play set (2009) 3 – NA
d. yellow, black base and int., tinted windows, black, orange, and silver design on sides, pr5gd, Mal. #158 (2002) 2 – 3
fandango-e e. blue, gray base, black int., green windows, gold, white, orange, and black design w/“Yu-Gi-Oh!” on sides, sp5mg, Mal. Yu-Gi-Oh! #085 (2002) 2 – 3
fandango-f f. mf blue, gray base, white int., tinted windows, black and white Hot Wheels logo, yellow and silver design w/sponsors, on sides, pr5, Mal. Detail Center (2003) 4 – NA
 g. mf lt. blue, black base and int., clear windows, red, white and blue design on sides and roof w/“Space Channel 5” and “5’ on roof, pr5, Ch. Sega Games #110 (2003) 2 – 4
g2. mf lt. blue, as g, pr5, Mal. Sega Games #110 (2003) 2 – 4
fandango-h h. mf dk. green, black base and int., clear windows, black, red and yellow flames on sides and roof, w/“Speedy” and “Hot Wheels” on sides, silver “2” on rear fenders, sp5, Mal. Malaysia Factory Challenge 20-pack (2004) 2 – NA
fandango-i i. mf green, black base, gray int., tinted windows, yellow, black and white design on sides and roof w/“Hot Wheels” on roof, pr5gd, Mal. Tag Rides #141 (2004) 1 – 4
fandango-i2 i2. mf green, as i, colors are reversed, lt. green, yellow, black and white design on sides and roof w/“Hot Wheels” on roof, pr5gd, Mal. Tag Rides #141 (2004) 1 – 3
j. mf green, black base, gold chrome int., yellow windows, yellow, black and white skeleton design w/”Atomoscott’s” on sides pr5gd, Th. Sci-Fi Hiway 5-pack (2006) 2 – NA
k. white, chrome base, black int., tinted windows, black and red design, w/”City of Hot Wheels”, “Roadkill Removal” on sides, pr5, Ch. Hot Wheels City 5-pack (2007) 2 – NA
k2. white, as k, pr5, Th. Hot Wheels City 5-pack (2007) 2 – NA
fandango-l l. black plastic, black metal base, black int., clear windows, silver, green and gray, design w/”the Enforcer” on sides, pr5, Th. Attack Pack 5-pack (2009) 2 – NA
fandango-m m. black plastic, metal base, black int., green windows, orange, green and white Hot Wheels logo w/stripes and checkerboard design. sp5or, Th. Auto Motion Speedway 5-pack (2012) 2 – NA
fandango-n n. clear green, chrome base and int., orange windows, orange, silver, and black Max Steel deign on sides, sp5, Th. Max Steel 5-pack (2014) 10 – NA
Fandango (o) o. mf black. pearl blue base, blue int., blue windows, blue, white, gray, and black design lightning bolt on roof, design and “Electro” on sides, pr5bu,  Mal. Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6 (2016) 1 – 5
 p. black, gray base, green int., and fenders, blue windows, pink, green, white, and yellow design, Hot wheels logo on sides, and the Treasure Hunt logo on the roof, pr5pk, Mal. HW Art Cars TH (2017) 1 – 3
 q. red, black base, lt. blue int., and fenders, tinted windows, purple, black, blue, and yellow design, pr5yw, Mal. HW Art Cars #242 (2017) 1 – 2
 r. mf gray, red base, black int., red windows, white, gold, and black snowflakes and stripes on top and sides, “Winter 2017” on sides, gold and white stripes and “Winter 2017” on sides, gold os5/gd, Th. Holiday Hot Rods #3 Walmart excl. (2017) 1 – 2
 s. black, silver base, yellow int. and fenders, yellow windows, black, gray and yellow checkerboard and stripe design on hood and sides, “Rook” on roof and sides, os5bk/ch-rim, Mal. Checkmate #212 (2018) 1 – 2
 t. mf lt. brown, black base and int., blue windows, black, yellow, and ivory Star Wars Chewbacca design, pr5gd, Th. Star Wars Original Characters #2 (2018) 1 – 2
 u. white, as s, gray, black, gold and yellow design, pr5bk/ch-rim, Mal. Checkmate #336 (2018) 1 – 2
v. white, dk. gray base, black int., green windows, black orange lt. green stripes on hood and sides, “Goofy” on hood and Character on sides, sp5gn, Th. Disney #3 (2019) 1 – 2

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