Escort Rally (Ford) – 70mm – 1998

This Malaysia made rally car has a metal body with a plastic base, interior, and windows including rear spoiler.
Note: Also known as Ford Escort Rally

escort-rally-ford-a a. white, blue front, gray base, red int., tinted windows, black, blue, red and yellow design w/“8”, “Swisher Motors” and race decals on sides and front, “Ford Rally” on base, lw. 1998 First Editions, #637 $4 – 6
a2. white, as a, “Escort Rally” on base, lw, First Editions, #637 2 – 3
 b. red, gray base, black int., clear windows, yellow, black, white and lt. green design w/“The Original Uno” on sides, lw, Mal. Classic Games #984 (1999) 8 – 12
escort-rally-ford-c c. black, gray base and int., blue windows, red, white and gold design w/“Police”, “To Protect and Serve”, “Unit 9” and City of Hot Wheels logo on sides, “02” on roof, lw, Th. Police Squad 5-pack (1999) 5 – NA
escort-rally-ford-d d. black, white doors, black base, white int., clear windows, red, white and black design w/“1 Uno/Ze Policia”, “Al N Al Rescate” and “Emergencia” on sides , lw, Th. World Racers 2 5-pack (1999) 2 – NA
d2. black, as d, sp5, Th. World Racers 2 5-pack (1999) 2 – NA
escort-rally-ford-e e. gray, black base and int., tinted windows, orange, black, white and red design w/“VRally” and “1” on sides and roof, ho5, Mal. #192 (2001) 2 – 3
escort-rally-ford-f f. mf gold, black base, white int., tinted windows, white, yellow, green and black flames design on sides and roof, “5” on roof, “Willmott”, “Heralda”, “Carris”, “Thienprasiddhi”, “McClone” and “Scott” on sides, pr5gd, Mal. Flamin’ Hot Wheels #064 (2003) 2 – 4
escort-rally-ford-f2f2. mf gold, as f. black windows and wing, pr5gd, Mal. Flamin’ Hot Wheels series #064 (2003) 2 – 4
escort-rally-ford-g g. black, black base and int., tinted windows, yellow, and silver design on hood and sides w/“32”, Hot Wheels logo and racing decals on sides, lw, Ch. Tiki Torcher 5 pack (2004) 2 – NA
escort-rally-ford-g2 g2. black, as g, sp5, Ch. Tiki Torcher 5 pack (2004)
escort-rally-ford-g3 g3. mf black, as g, sp10, Mal. Tiki Torcher 5 pack (2004) 2 – NA
escort-rally-ford-h h. mf blue, gray base, red int., tinted windows and wing, orange, black, white and gray “71”, Hot Wheels race team design and racing decals on sides and roof, pr5, Mal. Hot Wheels Racing #089 (2005) 1 – 3
h2. mf blue, as h, scwpr5, Mal. Car Crusher set (2006) 3 – NA
escort-rally-ford-h3h3. mf blue, as h, pr5, Th. Car Crusher set (2009) 2 – NA
escort-rally-ford-i i. flat tan, gray base, white int., tinted windows, multicolor design on sides w/T-Rex ”20 feet Tall”, Fossil; Fueler” and decals, sp10wh, Th. Track tracks 5-pack (2009) 2 – NA
j. white, black base, silver int., blue windows, yellow, red, blue, and black Team Hot Wheels design blue os3, Th. Team Hot Wheels intl. (2013) 10 – 20
 k. satin blue, white base, black int., yellow windows, yellow, white and black design on sides, white sp5bk, Th. HW Snow Stormers 5-pack (2017) 2 – NA
 l. white, black base, and int., blue windows, blue, lt. blue and yellow stripes, “9”, “Ford” and decals on sides, sp10bu, Th. Backroad Rally #1 (2019) 1 – 3
m. pearl white, silver base, black int., tinted windows, lt green, green and dk. green stripes on top and sides, decals on sides, sp10gn, Indo. Nightburnerz 5-pack (2019) 2 – NA

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