Dodge XP-07 – 68mm – 2008

This Thailand design Chrysler fantasy car has a metal body, plastic base, interior with exposed engine and windshield.

Dodge XP-07 (a) a. mf red, black base, chrome int., tinted windshield, cm6gy/ch-rim.  Designer Challenge $2 – 4
b. black, as a, clear window, white yellow and orange flames on top, cm6gy/ch-rim.Th. Designer Challenge 2 – 4
c. candy blue, as a, cm6gy/rd-rim.Th. Designer Challenge  2 – 4
d. pearl white, black base, chrome int., clear windshield, black, yellow, and orange flames on hood and roof, cm6gy/ch-rim, Th. Designer Challenge 2 – 4
e. mf green, black base, chrome int., yellow windshield, gold and white stripes on hood and sides, pr5, Mal. Track Stars #059 (2009) 1 – 2
Dodge XP-07 (f) f. mf red, dk. red base, gold chrome int., clear windshield, silver and white stripes on top, “Dodge” on hood, sp10gd, Mal. Valentine Rides (2011) 3 – NA
Dodge XP-07 (g) g. mf gray, black base, gold chrome int., red windshield, yellow, red, and black design on hood and roof, “6” on hood, red pr5bk, Mal. Thrill Racers – Volcano #201 (2012) 1 – 2
Dodge XP-07 (h) h. flat black, as g, gray base. orange windshield,  black replaces orange in design, orange pr5bk, Mal. Mystery Models #10 (2012) 2 – NA
Dodge XP-07 (i2) i. green, silver base, gray int., orange windshield, blue and white stripes and “Dodge XP 07” on top, pr5bk/bu-rim, Th. Double Jump Duel 5-pack (2014) 3 – NA
Dodge XP-07 (i2) i2. green, as i, pr5bk/ch-rim, Th. Double Jump Duel 5-pack (2014) 3 – NA
Dodge XP-07 (i3) i3. green, as i, pr5bk/dk.bu-rim, Th. Double Jump Duel 5-pack (2014) 2 – NA
 j. pearl pink, dk gray base, chrome int., blue windshield, yellow and white stripes on top, gray fan5wh, Indo. Speed Blur 5-pack (2019) 2 – NA

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