Dirty Outlaw – 71mm – 2011

This Malaysia made concept sprint car has a metal base, plastic body, interior, and a removable wing.

 a. black, lt. green metal base, chrome int., lt. green wing. black white and purple “11” and decals on wing, sp5pu. 2011 New Models #44 $1 – 2
Dirty Outlaw (b) b. pearl yellow, turquoise base, chrome int., turquoise wing, black silver and yellow race design w/”18″ and decals on wing, sp5yw, Mal. HW Code Cars #232 (2012) 1 – 2
b2. yellow, as b, sp5yw, Mal. HW Code Cars #232 (2012) 1 – 3
Dirty Outlaw (c) c. bright orange, satin gray metal base, chrome int., black wing, orange, white, and blue stripes, “3” and “Gleason’s Gasworx” on sides of wing, sp5, Mal. Hw Racing – Track Aces #127 (2013) 1 – 2
Dirty Outlaw (d)  d. red, blue metal base, gray int., white wing, black, white, yellow, and orange checkerboard, hot wheels logo, “66” on sides of wing, sp5bk, Mal. Stunt Devil 5-pack (2015) 2 – NA
 e. white, candy blue metal base, chrome int., blue wing, black, yellow, and red, stripes, and “2” on sides of wing, brown sp5or, Indo. Extreme 5-pack (2019) 2 – NA

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