Chicane – 70mm – 2005

This Malaysia made two-seat concept car has a plastic body with a metal base, a plastic interior and windshield.
Note: in 2013 the hood scoop is now part of the body.

 a. mf blue, metal base, silver int., orange windshield, black “Teku” on sides, black hood, roof and front fenders blue cm6gy. Acceleracers Teku $10 – 20
 b. orange, metal base, chrome int., blue tinted windshield, blue and white design w/”Teku” on hood, w/ reversed “Teku” on sides, and racing decals, clear cm6/bl-rim, Mal. Acceleracers Team Colors (2006) 5 – 10
Chicane (c) c. dk. yellow, metal base, chrome int., red windshield, blue and red design on sides, pr5, Th. Trick Track play set. (2007) 2 – NA
Chicane (d) d. pearl yellow, as c, pr5, Mal. Trick Track play set. (2007) 3 -NA
Chicane (e) e. gray, metal base, chrome int., tinted windshield, red, black, and white design w/”04″ on hood and sides, os5rd, Mal. Connect Cars Track Legends – Diesel (2009) 3 – 10
e2. gray, as e, 2010 Rattler’s Revenge Track Set (2009) 3 – NA
Chicane (f) f. chrome. flat black metal base, gray int., orange windshield, orange and black design on roof, and sides, “35” on roof and sides, os5bk/or-rim, Mal. HW Racing – Super Chromes #149 (2013) 1 – 2
Chicane (g) g. gold chrome, as f, blue windshield, blue replaces orange in design, os5bk/bu-rim, Mal. HW Racing – Super Chromes #149 (2013) 1 – 2
Chicane (h) h. pearl red, yellow metal base, glow-in-the-dark int., yellow windshield, yellow and pink stripes on top and sides, glow-in-the-dark os5/gd-rim, Mal. HW Race – Night Storm #185 (2014) 1 – 2
Chicane (i) i. pearl white, mf green, tinted chrome int., blue windshield, green and white design on sides, os5wh, Mal. Max Steel Aqua Invasion 5-pack or BP #06 (2014) 5 – 10
Chicane (I) j. chrome, flat black metal base, black int., gray int., red windshield, black and red stripes on top and sides, red os5, Mal. HW Race – Super Chromes #162TH (2015) 2 – 4
Chicane (k) k. pearl aqua, satin lime metal base, silver int., blue windshield, yellow, green and ivory stripes on hood, roof, and sides, glow-in-the-dark fan5or, Mal. HW Glow Wheels #55 (2016) 1 – 2
 l. purple, as k, satin gold metal base, orange windshield, pink, lt. green and lt. pink stripes design, glow-in-the-dark fan5gd, Mal. HW Glow Wheels #55 (2016) 1 – 2
 m. gray, orange metal base, black int., green windshield, black, orange, and lt blue design on sides, os5bk/wh-rim, Th. Track Builder System 5-pack (2017) 2 – NA
 m2. dk. gray, as m, Indo. Track Builder System 5-pack (2017) 2 – NA
 n. orange, metal base, gray int., blue windshield, black blue white and brown Franklin character on roof, stripes on hood and sides, “68” on sides, os5bu, Th. Peanuts #4 (2017) 1 – 2
 o. gold, mf gray metal base, dk gray int., purple windshield, black, orange, and white design on sides, pr5bk/pu-rim, Mal. multi-pack only (2018) 2 – NA
 p. lt blue, flat white metal base, blue int., orange windows, blue, white and orange stripes and on hood and sides, “7” on roof, pa5or, Mal. Mystery Models #7 (2018) 2 – NA

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