Character Cars The Muppets

 Kermit The Frog – 80mm – Y0765
 a. mf lt. green body and base, chrome int., clear windshield, lt. green plastic tail, sp5gn, Mal. The Muppets (2013) 2 – 5

Miss Piggy – 77mm – Y0766
 a. black and silver, gold chrome base, gray int., tinted windows, white pearl stripe on top, os5ma, Mal. The Muppets (2013) 2 – 5

Fozzie Bear – 65mm – Y067
 a. orange, chrome base and int., brown hat roof, red and white polka dot scallops on sides, sp5, Mal. The Muppets (2013) 2 – 5

Animal – 70mm – Y0768
 a. orange, chrome base, and int., clear windows, gray plastic chain and exhaust, red nose on hood, white teeth and flat black grille, or6bk/rd-rim, Mal. The Muppets (2013) 2 – 5

Gongo – 89mm – Y0769
 a. mf blue and purple, metal base, gray plastic exhaust pipes and red plastic cape, sp5 / msp5, Mal. The Muppets (2013) 2 – 5

Beaker –  87mm – Y0770
 a. mf pink, pink base, orange canopy and engines, black and white nose, os5 rear / dw front,  Mal. The Muppets (2013) 2 – 5

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