Buns of Steel – 68mm – 2018

This Malaysia made fantasy vehicle has a metal body with a plastic body windows and hamburger.
Note: The casting was modified in 2019 and no longer has the exhaust pipes,.

 a. orange, metal base, yellow windows, tan hamburger, black, tan, red, and white hamburger menu board on sides, sp5. Fast Foodie #73 $1 – 2
 b. white, as a, sp5rd. Fast Foodie #237 1 – 2
c. blue, metal base, yellow windows, gold hamburger, black, yellow, orange and white design w/hamburger menu board on sides, sp5. HW Metro #147 (2919) 1 – 2
d. green, as c. orange windows, sp5yw. HW Metro #147 (2919) 1 – 2

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