BMW M3 GT2 – 71mm – 2012

This Malaysia made 2011 BMW race car has a metal body, plastic base, wing, interior and windows.

 a. pearl white, gray base, black int., tinted windows, blue wing, lt. blue, blue and red race design, “12” on hood and sides, stripes and “M” on roof and sides, pr5/ch-rim. 2012 New Models #5 $1 – 2
a2. pearl white, as a, mc5bk/ch-rim. 2012 New Models #5 5 – 15
 b. black, as a, red wing, red, silver and blue race design, pr5/rd-rim, 2012 New Models #5 1 – 2
c. mf blue, black base, silver int., clear windows, red wing, blue, red, white, and black stripes, “M Power”, and “12” on hood and sides, pr5/ch-rim, Mal. BMW series #5 (2016) 1 – 2
d. satin gray, black base and int., blue windows, white wing, blue, red, black, and white stripes on hood and sides, “6” on hood, mc5wh, Mal. Mystery Models #6 (2019) 2 – NA

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