Altered Ego – 79mm – 2012

This Malaysia made extended wheelbase, rear engine hot rod has a metal body, plastic base, and an interior with engine.

Altered Ego (a) a. pearl plum, gray base, chrome int., black, red and yellow flames on hood and sides, “Altered Ego’ on front wing, decals on sides, sp5. 2012 News Models #39 $1 – 2
Altered Ego (b) b. red, black base, chrome int., black, white, gold, and green design w/”Altered Ego” on sides, “pinstripes and flames on top, sp5gd, Mal. HW Race – Track Aces (2014) 1 – 2
Altered Ego (c) c. mf brown, metal base, chrome int., white met lt. blue and met blue design w/”Hangin’ Out” and “321 AA/FA” on sides, checkerboard on roof, ds5rr, Th. Heritage #2 (2015) 2 – 4
 d. blue, black base, chrome int., black, white, yellow, and gold flames on hood and sides, Snoopy character and “Joe Cool” on sides, sp5, Th. Peanuts #2 (2017) 1 – 3
 e. silver, dk. blue base, chrome int., black, red, and blue, lightening bolts on hood, “Hot Wheels Art Cars” and “O” on roof, “Altered Ego” and skull on sides, red sp5, Mal. HW Art Cars #223 (2018) 1 – 2
f. mf green, black base, black int., black, white, tan, and green flames and “Happy Halloween 2019” lt. green sp5bk, Th. Halloween #5 (2019) 1 – 3

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