’82 Corvette Stingray – 80mm – 1996

This Malaysia made Chevy has a plastic body and windows with a metal base.
Similar casting: Corvette Stingray (1976)
Also known as: Pizza Vette (1996)
Note: The original release was in the Color FX Stamper line in 1993.
Note: This casting was also used in the Color Shifters line

a. green, metal base, chrome int., orange windows, black design w/skid marks on hood and top, sp3gd, Mal. Track Systems 5-pack (1996) 2 – NA
a2. green, as a, sp7gd. Track Systems 5-pack 2 – NA
 b. white, black metal base, black windows, brown, orange, and red pepperoni pizza design, sp3, Mal. Fast Food #416 (1997) 2 – 3
b2. white, as b, sp5, Mal. Fast Food #416 (1997) 15 – 20
b3. white, as b, sp7, Mal. Fast Food #416 (1997) 20 – 25
 c.  mustard yellow, tinted windows, black, white, and orange tampo on sides and hood, lwgd. Ch. #1056 (1999) 2 – 3
 d. blue, black windows, white, yellow, and orange tampo on sides, ho5, Ch., #154 (2000) 2 – 3
 d2. blue, as d, sp3, Ch. #154 (2000) 3 – 5
e. red, black metal base, black windows, orange, black, and white design w/Hot Wheels logo and “RR-081” on sides and hood, sp10, Ch. Cyborg Assault 5-pack (2004) 2 – NA
 f.  satin blue, metal base, black windows, os5gd, Mal. Holiday Hot Rods (2006) 2 – 3
 g. burgundy, metal base, no int., blue windows, pink and ivory stripes on hood, roof, and trunk, sp5, Mal. multi-pack only (2013) 2 – NA
 h. orange, metal base, no int., tinted windows, yellow and gold stripes on top, os5gd, Mal. multi-pack only (2014) 2 – NA
 i. black, as h, black windows, met gold and yellow stripes, on top, os5gd, Mal. multi-pack only (2014) 2 – NA
  j. plum, metal base, blue windows, black and met pink stripes and “Corvette” on top and sides, mc5bk/ch-rim, Mal. Multi-pack only (2018) 2 – NA
k. chrome, metal base, red windows, red, blue, and silver stars and stripes on hood and sides, “Super Chromes”, sp5ds, Mal Super Chromes #159TH (2019) 3 – 6
l. blue, metal base, tinted windows, silver and black stripes and “corvette” on sides, slt5, Mal. multi-pack only (2020) 2 – NA

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