’70 Dodge Power Wagon – 74mm – 2011

This Malaysia made Dodge pickup has a metal body and base, plastic interior with roll bar and lights, plastic windows.
a. lime green and white, silver int., clear windows, details, rror5. Hot Wheels Garage – Mopar #05 (2011) $10 – 30
b. orange and flat black, as a, rror5or/ch-rim, Hot Wheels Garage 30-car set #05 (2011) 20 – 45
c. black and yellow, as a, rror5, Hot Wheels Garage #05 (2011) 20 – 45
 d. spec pink, metal base, white int., clear windows, white roof and stripes on sides, “Red Line Club” on tailgate, rror5rl,  Th. RLC Friday Night Party car 27th Convention (2013) 30 – 60
 e. mf purple, metal base, silver int., clear windows, 29th Convention logo on roof, white stripes on hood, tailgate,  and sides, “Hemi” on sides, details, rror5,  Th. 29th Hot Wheels Convention #3 LE2000 (2015) 25 – 55
 f. black, metal base, silver int., clear windows, yellow and red stripes on hood, roof, and sides, or6/yw, Th. Mopar #8 (2018) 2 – 4
g. red, chrome base, black int., clear windows, black and white stripes on hood and sides, or6/wh, American Pickup #3 (2019) 1 – 3

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