’66 Super Nova – 78mm – 2012

This China made AWB Nova has a metal body and base with a plastic interior and windows.

 a. tinted chrome, chrome metal base, black int., clear windows, blue and white stars and “Super Nova” on sides, rrslkm/t rear / rr5sp front. RLC Real Riders series 11 #5 LE4000 $100 – 150
 b. spec blue, chrome metal base, white int., clear windows, white roof, details, rrslkhr rear / rr5sp front, Mal. RLC Rewards (2014) 15 – 30
 c. spec copper, chrome metal base, silver int. w/roll cage, 3d printed copperhead skin design on roof, black and white “Copperhead” and decals on sides, details, Th. 18th Annual Collectors Nationals on sides, rrslkgyt rear / rr5sp front, Th. 18th Annual Nationals LE5000 (2018) 40 – 80
c2. spec copper, as c. no roll cage, Th. 18th Annual Nationals LE5000 (2018) 40 – 80
Note: it is about 50/50 of model d. comes with or without the roll cage.
 d. spec purple, chrome metal base, purple int., tinted windows, yellow, red, white, and black “Super Nova” and decals on sides, details, rrslkgyte rear / sp5rr front, Ch. RLC sELECTIONs LE11,500 (2018) 25 – 60
 e. mf blue, metal base, silver int., clear windows, white, gray, red, and black “Super Nova” and decals on sides, details, prrgyt rear / prr front, Th. Car Culture – Dragstrip Demons #5 (2018) 4 – 6
f. matte black, metal base, silver int., chrome roll cage, clear windows, silver “Black Hole” and decals on sides, rrslkbkgyte rear / sp5rr front, Th. Car Culture – Team Transport 2-pack #7 (2019) 6 – 15

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