’52 Chevy Truck – 75mm – 2007

This Thailand made pickup truck as a metal body and base with plastic windows.

a. spec. ice blue, metal base, black windows, black & white tampo on door, “Matwijiw Chevrolet Parts & Service”, sp5wl. Classics series 3 #6 (2007)
b. spec, light green, as a, sp5wl, Classics series 3 #6 (2007)
c. spec. red, as a, sp5wl, Classics series 3 #6 (2007)
 d. chrome, as a, sp5wl, Classics series 3 3-pack (2007)
e. spec. orange, as a, sp5wl, Classics series 3 #6 (2007)
** mf orange and flat black, ss5, Ch. Street Show XX/32 intl. (2007) Rare
f. red, chrome base, black windows, lt. blue & yellow flames w/black Hot Wheels logo & “29 Car Club” on doors, sp5, Th. Leap Year (2008)
g. spec red, metal base, black windows, green, black, white, and red design, w/”Matwijiw Tree Farms” on sides, “Holiday 08’ on tailgate, rrww, Th. 2008 Holiday Rods #6 (2008) 7 – 10
h. yellow, metal base, black windows, red, orange, green, and black design w/”Missouri” and “24” on hood and sides, sp5, Mal. Connect Cars #24 (2009) 25 – 35
i. pearl white, metal base, no int., red windows,  red and blue pinstripes, w/ “Hot Rod Shop” and Hot Wheels logo on sides, os5, Th. HW Hot Rods 5-pack (2011) 2 – NA
i2. pearl white, as i, gray plastic base, os5, Th. HW Hot Rods 5-pack (2011) 2 – NA
j. mf burgundy, mf gold roof, metal base, no int., tinted windows, black, white, and gold panel design on hood and sides, sp5bkwl, Mal. Treasure Hunts #58 (2012) 3 – 6
j2. mf burgundy, as j, missing rear fender tampo, sp5bkwl, Mal. Treasure Hunts #58 (2012) 3 – 6
 k. pearl white, metal base, no int., blue windows, mf green on sides and bed, red, black, blue and tan, Popeye on sides and hood, “Popeye” on hood, stlrrrd/ch-rimwl, Th. Pop Culture – Comics (2013) 2 – 5
 l. mf white and mf blue, metal base, no int., tinted windows, multicolor stars and stripes on hood, sides, “The Muppets Show” on roof, Sam the Eagle on sides, rr5sprl, Th. Pop Culture – Muppets (2014) 2 – 5
 m. red, black base, no int., clear windows, black and yellow stripes on sides, sp5, Mal. HW Workshop – Then and Now #244 (2015) 1 – 2
 n. zamac, as m, chrome base, black and pink stripes on sides, sp5rd, Mal. HW Workshop – Then and Now #244 (2015) 2  – 4
 o. matte lt. blue, as m, blue stripes on sides, sp5gy, Mal. multi-pack (2016) 2 – NA
 p. mf purple, chrome base. black windows, black and gold scallops on sides, slt5/wh, Mal. Chevy Trucks 100 Years #1 (2018) 2 – 4
 q. pearl pink, gray base, clear windows, lt. green and white stripes and “Hot Wheels stripes and Letters’ on sides,mc5bk/wh-rim. Mal. HW Metro #207 (2018) 1 – 2
 r. spec pink, as q, black base, tinted windows, pink replaces lt green in design, rrstl, Mal. HW Metro STH (2018) 10 – 30
 s. satin gold, dk gray base, blue windows, black and met blue wave design and “11” on sides, pr5bk/aq-rim. Mal. Mystery Models 3 #11 (2018) 1 – 2
 t. flat black, black base, red windows, red and white stripes and “Hot Wheels Stripes and Letters’ on sides, mc5bk/rd-rim, Mal. HW Metro #365 (2018) 1 – 2
u. mf lt. blue, chrome base, clear windows, white scallops and “Hot Wheels Speed Shop” on sides, sp5wh, Indo, HW Hot Trucks 5-pack (2019) 2 – NA

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