‘40 Ford Convertible – 75mm – 1999

This model has a black and gray metal base, light brown interior, an opening hood with a chrome engine, white plastic removable roof, clear windshield, and collectible wheels.
a. black. Reggie’s Cars, 4-car set $8 – NA
b. orange, magenta and pink design on sides. Cool Collectibles box (2000) 8 – 10
c. blue, white roof and int., clear windshield and gray trim. Cool Collectibles box (2000) 8 – 10
d. black, black roof and and yellow spray mask with red tips. Rock’n Road, 4-car set (2001) 15 – NA
d2. black, as d, white spray mask, Rockin’ Road, 4-car set (2001) 10 – NA
e. flat gray, red and white int., clear windshield, red spray mask, ww collectible wheels. Cool Collectibles box, #12 10- 12
f. mf magenta, tan removable plastic roof, tan int., clear windshield, silver trim, rr. Hot Rod Magazine series Preferred line (2002) 3 – 5
g. yellow, as f, rr, Hot Rod Magazine series Preferred line. (2002) 3 – 5

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