2020 Assortments

2020 Mainline by the Number

2020 Mainline Store Exclusives
Walmart, Target, Kmart, Kroger’s, Walgreen’s

2020 Hot Wheels id Mainline Chases – id cars randomly inserted in Mainline cases.

2020 Premium Car Culture– Door Slammers / Japan Historics 3

2020 Collectors Events Unlimited
National and Convention Souvenir cars

2020 Collectors Editions – “Mail-in”

2020 Flying Customs

2020 Hot Wheels id Mainline

2020 Hot Wheels id Premium

2020 Hot Wheels Premium Team Transporters – Mix H

2020 Hot Wheels Premium Boulevard – Mix A – Mix B

2020 9/10-car Gift-pack Exclusives

2020 Multi-pack Only
Cars found only in 9-car gift packs and 20-car packs.
Also including play set exclusives

2020 Mystery Models
(Pillow Packs) Walmart exclusive  Series 1

2020 Hot Wheels Premium Pop Culture

2020 RLC Collectors Club

2020 San Diego Comic Con

2020 Super Rigs / Track Stars Trucks

2020 Themed Mainline Series
Car available only at Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Krogers stores

2020 Treasure Hunts

2020 5-PACKS

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