2020 Assortments

2020 Mainline by the Case

2020 Mainline by the Number

2020 Mainline Store Exclusives
Walmart, Target, Kmart, Kroger’s, Walgreen’s

2020 Hot Wheels id Mainline

2020 Premium Car Culture– Door Slammers / Japan Historics 3

2020 Collectors Events Unlimited
National and Convention Souvenir cars

2020 Collectors Editions – “Mail-in”

2020 Flying Customs

2020 Hot Wheels id Premium

2020 Hot Wheels Premium Team Transport

2020 Hot Wheels Premium Boulevard – Mix A – Mix B

2020 Gift-pack Exclusives and Multi-pack Only
Cars found only in 9-car gift packs and 20-car packs.
Also including play set exclusives

2020 Mystery Models
(Pillow Packs) Walmart exclusive  Series 1

2020 Hot Wheels Premium Pop Culture

2020 RLC Collectors Club

2020 San Diego Comic Con

2020 Super Rigs / Track Stars Trucks

2020 Themed Mainline Series
Car available only at Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Krogers stores

2020 Treasure Hunts

2020 5-PACKS

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